The dream of becoming a doctor of Hindi medium students will be fulfilled.

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Hindi, the most spoken and understood language in the country, is going to become an alternative medium of instruction in MBBS course in Madhya Pradesh after 75 years of independence.

The long-running ambitious exercise in this regard may reach its peak in the new academic session beginning in late September.

An official of the State Medical Education Department gave this information on Sunday. 

The official said that in the new academic session, a total of 4,000 students of MBBS first year of private and government medical colleges in major Hindi-speaking provinces of the country can get the option of studying in English as well as Hindi books.

At the same time, Dr. Manohar Bhandari, a member of a related committee and former associate professor of physiology, told that 60 to 70 percent of the students who take admission in MBBS course in medical colleges of the state are from Hindi medium and due to English books, they get maximum number of students. The problem occurs only in the first year.

In this regard, an official of the Medical Education Department said that the State Government is moving towards completing the work of adapting the already running books of three established English writers into Hindi for the first year of MBBS and these books will be available for the students in the new session. By reaching into the hands, the face of medical education can change.

The official said that these books from private publishers are related to the subjects of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, with the help of 55 expert teachers before being printed on a large scale and distributed to the students. Testing is being done at different levels.

He made it clear that medical education in the state would continue in the English medium as before, though an appeal has been made to the teachers to promote the use of Hindi especially in the classes of MBBS course.

The official said that the Madhya Pradesh University of Medical Sciences has already provided the candidates with the option of giving written examination, practical examination and viva (viva) in 'Hinglish' (a combination of Hindi and English) which has yielded encouraging results. Huh.

An expert associated with the government's program to prepare Hindi books for medical education said, "While converting these books from English to Hindi, we have taken special care that in the academic and professional world, the technology used in English is basically the same. Hindi translation should be avoided unnecessarily so that students do not have any confusion about important words.

He told for example that in Hindi medium books, "osmolarity" is written as "osmolarity" instead of "parasarita" and similarly "blood pressure" is written as "blood pressure". Instead of writing, "blood pressure" has been allowed to remain. 

It is worth mentioning that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had announced at the Republic Day function in Indore on 26 January that medical education in the state would also be made in Hindi so that even talented students who do not know English can move ahead in life by becoming doctors.

After this, according to the decision of the meeting held under the chairmanship of State Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang, a high-level committee was constituted on February 7.

Bhandari, a member of the committee and former associate professor of physiology, said that 60 to 70 percent of the students taking admission in the MBBS course in the medical colleges of the state are from Hindi medium and they face the most problems in the first year due to thick English books. It only happens.

Bhandari, who received the degree of MD (Physiology) by writing a dissertation (thesis) in Hindi in the year 1992, said, “With the help of new mother tongue books, it will become easier for Hindi medium students to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. '

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