The Kosovo Police announces that it has arrested two people, 38 and 30 years old, as they are suspected of the criminal offense of "Unauthorized ownership, control or possession of weapons".

In the press release, it is stated that the same people were carrying firearms in their belts, in a nightclub on the Ferizaj-Prishtina main road.

"Today, around 04:00 in the morning, the Regional Police of Ferizaj received information that in a nightclub, on the Ferizaj-Prishtina highway, in the village of Babush i Ri, two people were carrying firearms in their belts."

"The police of the station in Ferizaj, under the authorization of the guardian prosecutor from the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Ferizaj, took the necessary actions and immediately went towards this bar", the communiqué states.

After the suspects were checked, a firearm (pistol) with a magazine and seven cartridges was found on the person with the initials RR.S, aged 38.

"The two suspects were then escorted to the police station in Ferizaj and after being interviewed by the police investigators, the suspect RR.S declares that the weapon belonged to the other person who was with him, with the initials DR (M/K) aged 30 year old", it is said further.

By the decision of the Prosecutor of the case, the suspect DR is sent to detention for 48 hours, while the suspect RR.S has been released for a regular investigative procedure.

The case has been described as "Unauthorized ownership, control or possession of weapons".