Other details have come to light from the serious event that took place yesterday evening (July 22) in Milot, where one person was killed and another injured in an assassination attempt.

It is reported that Klisman Preçi, who lost his life, and Ylli Ibrahimi were kept under surveillance by the perpetrators, who then shot them in a well-organized assassination attempt.

Initially, it is suspected that 3 people participated in the assassination, who kept Preci and Ibrahim under surveillance.

The latter had been in a bar in the center of Milot shortly before the incident, when they were shot with a machine gun on the street in front of the alley of the palace where they lived, as they were neighbors with each other.

The perpetrators fired bullets at them as soon as they got out of the vehicle, leaving Ibrahimi and Preci injured, but the latter could not survive his injuries and died in the Trauma Hospital in Tirana.

Klisman Preçi and Ylli Brahimi both have previous criminal records, as they have escaped murder attempts before.

Ylli Brahimi escaped an assassination attempt in 2021, while Klisman Preçi escaped another assassination attempt in May of this year./RTSH/