The police continue to have no suspects for the two assassinations that took the lives of four people within one week in Albania.

Klisman Preçi died on Friday evening, while he is in serious condition at the Ylli Brahimi Trauma Hospital.

The 46-year-old is under the care of doctors, while he received injuries to his chest and legs.

The two people were standing below the apartment in Milot, when they were shot with a barrage of bullets as soon as they got out of their armored vehicle.

Both are well-known persons in the Albanian justice system.

Ylli Brahimi is involved in the gambling business, convicted of drug trafficking, while Klisman Preçi has a criminal record for armed robbery.

An assassination attempt was made on Brahim in January 2021, but he managed to escape the bullets.

For the event, the police accompanied several people, but so far no trace of the assassins.

In the same way, the investigations have revealed that the killers had circulated several times during the day in the area, while the police only had their burned vehicle in the village of Gramëz, leaving no possible trace.

For some time, mafia-style murders in Albania continue to remain unsolved.

In January, Erion Çela was with his relatives in a bar in the Don Bosco area when he was shot by a moving car.

The bullets took the life of the young man, while leaving three other people injured.

It wouldn't be long and in April, Iljaz Cali was driving on the Tirana-Durrës highway where, with the same scheme, he was shot by another moving car, taking his life.

In Shkodër, Nazmi Bandulla, 55 years old, was killed when assassins driving a Benz type car shot 13 times in his direction.

In June, they culminated with the placement of tritol in the vehicle of 27-year-old Aleksandër Sadikaj in Tirana, an event which took the young man's life and was bordering on a terrorist act.

For all crimes, the police have no suspects, while clashes between criminal groups have descended on the streets in the middle of the day.

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