symbolic photo.


A video of a young boy and a girl from a reputed college in Mangaluru getting engrossed in a kiss in a private apartment has gone viral on social media.

The college authorities and the parents of the youth are getting embarrassed about this.

Both the students are in their college uniform.

Both are seen kissing in the video.

His friends are 'cheering' him. 

Police said that the students were allegedly having a kissing competition.

Sources said that the boy who made the video has been detained for questioning.

City Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said the incident took place six months ago in a private flat.

A week ago, one of the students shared the video on WhatsApp, which went viral.

The college administration has suspended the student and the student, giving a warning.

The commissioner said that neither the college authorities nor the parents have lodged any complaint with the police so far.

He said that the police would also investigate whether the students had used drugs during the kissing competition.