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After several hours of debate, the judicial collegium of the Supreme Judicial Council reappointed the special judges from the two closed courts, BTA reported.

Thus, the chairman of the Appellate Specialized Criminal Court Georgi Ushev, his deputy Veselina Valeva and all judges from the institution go to the Sofia Court of Appeal.

Their reassignment will take effect from July 28, after the special court ceases to exist after July 27. 

The Chairperson of the Specialized Criminal Court, Marieta Raykova, her deputies and some of the judges will work in the Administrative Court in Sofia.

More than ten of the judges have chosen to work in the Sofia City Court, and Maria Marinova has chosen to be in the District Court in Sofia.

Andon Mitalov requested to be in the military court, but the SCC reassigned him to the District Court in Sofia.

Emil Zhelev will be transferred to the administrative court of Sofia region.

SJC member Atanaska Disheva spoke against Mitalov and Zhelev being appointed according to their wishes, due to the low workload of these courts.

This led to a situation where the two agenda items will be voted on later.

Geshev: The special prosecutor's office and the special courts were closed because they were doing their job

All magistrates must complete their cases with a verdict in the special court.

The presidents and their deputies will receive salaries in the amount of regular magistrates in the special courts.

Next week, the prosecutor's collegium will decide on the transfer of the special prosecutors.



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