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The son of Kevork Kevorkian - Takvor, was arrested for driving after consuming alcohol and drugs, reports Nova TV. 

He was stopped that night by a traffic police-SDVR patrol.

However, the 48-year-old man refused to be tested for the use of alcohol and narcotic substances, for which an act was drawn up.

They caught a driver with 5.11 parts per million of alcohol on the Ring Road in Sofia

Hours later, at around 8 this morning, the same driver was stopped again by a team of the Traffic Police in the railway station.

"Youth -3". 

The breathalyzer recorded a blood alcohol content of 1.03 parts per million, and the field drug test gave a positive result.

The man was detained at the capital's regional police station for a period of up to 24 hours under the Law on the Interior.

Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case.

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