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After many hours of debate, the deputies accepted the requirements for the election of the chairman of KPCONPI.

The idea of ​​candidates being disqualified from participation if they are over 65 years old has been dropped. 

A declaration proving no participation in the repressive apparatus until 1989 will also not be required.


the presiding judge of the National Assembly, Miroslav Ivanov, explained from the rostrum why he does not support the provision of documents to prove that no investigation or proceedings have been initiated by KPKOMPI:

"Whether or not a proceeding has been instituted against a person does not mean that that person has committed acts that are contrary to the law. And, if that requirement had passed, it would have been discriminatory."

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The leader of the DPS

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) is a centrist political party in Bulgaria, using Mustafa Karadai, suggested that what Miroslav Ivanov said should be followed by all the people's representatives. 

"Innocent until proven guilty is the basic rule, and we haven't listened to anything here, addressed mainly to the opposition, by those in power for a year."