The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia brought the decision, with which the retail prices of oil derivatives are reduced by an average of 1.42% in relation to the decision dated 21.7.2022.

The reference prices of oil derivatives in the world market, compared to the previous calculation, show an average decrease: in gasoline by 1.597%, in diesel by 1.488%, in extra light oil by 1.374% and in fuel oil by 2.738%.

The retail prices of ЕUROSUPER BS-95 and ЕUROSUPER BS-98 gasolines are reduced by 2.00 denars/liter, while the retail prices of ЕURODIESEL (D-Е V) and Extra Light Household Oil (ЕL- 1) decrease by 2.50 denars/liter.

The retail price of Mazda М-1 SU increases by 1,011 den/kg and will be 52,466 den/kg.

From 23.7.2022, 00:01, the maximum prices of oil derivatives will be:

EUROSUPER BS95 motor gasoline – 96.50 (denars/liter)

EUROSUPER BS98 motor gasoline – 99.00 (denars/liter)

EURODIZEL BS (DE V) motor oil – 97.50 (denars/liter)

Extra Light Combustion Oil 1 (EL-1) – 96.00 (denars/liter)

М-1 SU fuel 52.466 (denars/kilogram).