The pet food market in Thailand is bustling.

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23 Jul 2022 5:14 a.m.





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This year's pet food market in Thailand is very dynamic and vibrant.

It is a huge market worth hundreds of billions of baht.

Chasing the human food market in the era of well-being

Social conditions forced to live alone, without children, raising animals as friends to relieve loneliness is another solution.

More interestingly, it is a market that is growing at a high level even though the economy is affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Inflation from energy prices has caused prices to rise, forcing consumers to think twice about each purchase.

But the pet food market has been focused to the point that humans are willing to save on their food spending instead.

This may be due to the attachment and focus on the nutritional value of the food they consume and their impact on the health of the pet.

from being one of the largest food producers in the world

making the availability of raw materials

advanced food processing technology

was expanded to produce pet food

Currently, Thailand's pet food industry has become the second largest exporter.

With a market share of 10%, with almost every major food manufacturer entering the pet food business

This year, the world's largest food and beverage producer,


, has announced the opening of a new Nestlé Purina Petcare factory in Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong, using world-class technology to produce cat food. Premium quality wet type

It has invested up to 5,000 million baht to produce food for pets.

Under the brand Purina One, Pro Plan, Felix and Fancy Feast to support the Thai market.

and will be exported to countries in Asia, Oceania and Africa, including Japan, Australia and New Zealand. To expand the business in the pet food business to a global level

Consisting of I-Tel Corporation Public Company Limited or ITC, Thai Union Group

One of the world's largest seafood producers

Create added value for all parts of fish for maximum benefit.

By processing them into raw materials, covering both the contract manufacturing services related to the complete pet food (OEM) for dogs and cats.

As well as its own brands, Bellotta, Marvo, Center, Calico Bay and Paramount, it is currently the second largest producer in Asia and the top 10 in the world.

including Asian Alliance International Public Company Limited or AAI, a subsidiary of Asian Corporation Public Company Limited, which manufactures both OEMs and their own brands, namely Mong Chu, Maria Brand, Mong Chu Balance, Ha Chiko and Pro Brand

On the side of RS Public Company Limited, after adjusting its business model to more commerce business

New products are gradually released into the market continuously, and have penetrated the pet food business.

from being a pet lover

with full devotion to nurture, so he understands the behavior of animal lovers

And there's still a lot of potential for growth.

Because nowadays many people choose to stay single.

Or get married but don't want to have children, therefore launch the brand "Life Mate" to taste in the market as well.

There are also foreign companies that use Thailand as a production base to market in Thailand and export.

including International Pet Food Company Limited, the CP Group, a manufacturer of dog and cat food.

The JerHigh, K-C and Genie brands are all unique.

Of course, the domestic pet food market is becoming more and more intense.

While the export market, due to the readiness of manufacturers to compete in the global market, will further enhance the strength of the Thai pet food industry and be accepted in the global market to the next level! !

Wanich Young