Excessive sweating, which we are more prone to in summer, affects the whole body, including the genitals

The accumulation of sweat in the intimate area can lead to infections, especially fungal infections, and the symptoms are itching, pain, stinging, excessive secretion and often a strong unpleasant odor.


Bina Mehta says that fungal infections, such as candida, most often develop in warmer, more humid weather conditions.

This is precisely the period of the summer months.

In such warm conditions these infections are much more frequent than usual, because the vagina is the part around which you are most exposed.

It is necessary to provide the vagina with adequate cure.

So, these are some of the tips on how to freshen it up and protect it from potential infections, Telegrafi reports.

1. Choose good underwear

To avoid some of the infections during the summer, it is advisable to wear clothes that "breathe", such as cotton underwear.

Also, one of the tips is to remove your bathing suit every time you get out of the water and replace it with a clean one.

In this way, moisture will not collect around the intimate area, which is suitable for the growth of bacteria.

2. Wash with water only

Experts warn that various preparations, especially baths and shampoos, can disrupt the pH value of the vagina, so they advise washing it only with clean water and mild soap or for children.

3. Reduce sweating

Try to avoid the hottest part of the day between 12pm and 3pm.

If you are already outside, try to spend time in the shade.

This way you will sweat less.

4. Iron your clothes regularly

After washing underwear, a hot iron is a cure for bacteria, which remain there and cannot be completely removed by washing at low temperatures.

5. Delete properly

How many of you know how to properly wipe the intimate area after using the toilet?

Wiping from front to back prevents bacteria from the rectum from ending up in the vagina.

Keep this in mind!

6. Sleep naked

Let your vagina "breathe" at night.

So avoid wearing tight underwear and choose looser pajamas first that will allow air to circulate freely, or sleep completely naked.

Also, you will sweat less.

7. Clean up after exercise

To avoid post-workout irritations, as well as additional bacterial and fungal growth down there, always shower after exercise and wear clean clothes, including underwear.

8. Be careful when shaving

Shaving minutes before going to the beach or pool can create such a problem.

The pores are still open and more susceptible to infection.

This is why it is recommended to shave the day before.

9. Take a shower before and after every intercourse

Do not forget to take a shower, or at least "wash" the intimate area after, but also before every intimate relationship.

In this way, you will protect yourself and your partner from the transmission and development of bacteria and fungi.

This rule also applies to men.

10. Use adequate preparations

Bathing in a bath that is intended for the body, but is too "aggressive" for the intimate area is not the best solution.

In pharmacies and drugstores you can find special products intended for this part of the body, which do not disturb the natural pH value of the vagina.