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Statistics are for destroying "Big Tu", preparing to sit as prime minister for a long time, overtaking "Pa Prem"

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21 Jul 2022 14:01





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Debate of no confidence in the government

under the leadership of

"General Prayut Chan-o-cha" may be just a ritual that the final result of the vote was as expected.

Another important checkpoint in August

There is a consideration of holding the position of Prime Minister for no more than 8 years, which is stipulated in the 2017 constitution. If considered, "Big Tu" can break through the barrier. He has the right to set a new record in holding the position of Prime Minister for a longer time than "General Prem Tinsu". Lanon" used to do it for 8 years and 3 months, even though the current stomach crisis will have a heavy impact on the people.

But it does not affect "Big Tu"

With the politics that paved the way after the 2014 coup until the 2019 elections, "Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamrongsak

Petchlert-anan, Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science

Rangsit University

political analysis from now on

Despite the heated debate of distrust of the government with information.

But in the end, the opposition was unable to overthrow the "Big Tu" government, despite the drama of "Captain Thammanat Phromphao" and small political parties.

This may affect only some ministers being discussed.

And it became a good result that the government will adjust the new cabinet after this.

Another important checkpoint of "Big Tu" in August

The Constitutional Court will consider the 8-year term as Prime Minister, which may be unconstitutional in 2017, but is expected to be able to escape.

and will return to the position of Prime Minister for another term 

Especially during this period, "Big Tu" will see more areas in the provinces after "Chatchat Sitthiphan" was elected as the governor of Bangkok.

But the image is completely different because Chatchart has a more friendly attitude to the people, unlike General Prayut.

with a careful attitude

So this is a different attitude.

and many people are clearly compared

Revisit the history of the Prime Minister's reign

"Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thamrongsak" analyzes the history of the Prime Minister's position that if Gen. Prayut

escaped the ruling of the Constitutional Court in August.

Will be the leader who holds the position for a long time, overtaking "General Prem Tinsulanonda" who is in the position of 8 years and 3 months

While "Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram" is still ranked No. 1 in the position of Prime Minister for 15 years, followed by "Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn" who has been in the position of Prime Minister for 11 years.

Prime Minister of Thailand who has been in office for a long time.

Most of them were soldiers who came from the seizure of power.

Initially, it will be managed in a military style, before gradually transforming itself into a civilian government.

which cooperates with capital groups and politicians

"After Gen. Prayut seized power in the first 5 years, there will be a military-style attitude, either dressed or issuing orders.

But after the election and coming back as prime minister again, tried to change his attitude to be a civilian prime minister, what academics call this style.

hidden dictator

This can be seen in many long-occupied leaders.”

to step down from the power of Gen. Prayut

It might not be any time soon after.

Although many people analyze the attitude of the people affected by the economic situation.

But with the political power of the "3 years", which is now firmly placed.

It should push Gen. Prayut to be Prime Minister for another term if it escapes the constitutional court's consideration in August.

So the wind of political change

It will take longer than many people think.

And in the end, everything will decay over time.

but people will learn

and does not support the politicians who will support the military power in the future.