UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Antonio Guterres is a Portuguese politician.

Guterres was born in Lisbon on April 30, 1949, religiously will attend a ceremony in Istanbul tomorrow for the signing of an agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine, the Turkish newspaper "Karrar" reported, citing sources.

A spokesman for Guterres confirmed the trip but not the signing of the document. 

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With the finalization of the deal, the crisis surrounding the export of 25 million tons of grain waiting at Ukrainian ports will be resolved, "Karrar" points out.

According to sources cited by the publication, the three-point memorandum, which was agreed at a meeting on July 13 in Istanbul with the participation of representatives of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations, will be signed tomorrow at the Dolmabahçe Palace in a ceremony attended by Guterres.

Guterres' deputy spokesman, Farhan Haq, confirmed that the UN secretary-general will leave for Istanbul later today, Reuters reported.

"The situation remains a bit fluid, so I can't say for sure when anything will be signed," the spokesman told reporters in New York.

"We haven't reached that stage yet," he added. 

Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN create a coordination center to ensure safe routes for grain exports

Last week, Ankara announced that there is a consensus on the establishment of an operational center in Istanbul to monitor the operation of a possible corridor in the Black Sea for the export of grain from Ukraine, BTA adds.

Turkey has been making efforts since the beginning of the war in Ukraine to release the blocked grain, which led to a spike in food prices worldwide, "Karrar" reminds.

A concrete step towards the opening of the so-called

grain corridor was made after a conversation last week between the presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Antonio Guterres