Jupiter, the work of the James Webb camera.

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20 Jul 2022 10:01 a.m.





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After the release of the first images from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.

last week

Then another image was revealed.

which has both Jupiter

and many asteroids

These images are a test of James Webb's equipment before the camera's scientific operations officially begin.

Fans of Jupiter images will see even more familiar features of our solar system's gigantic planets in these images.

Through the gaze of the James Webb camera, the view from the NIRCam instrument shows the bars.

surrounding the stars and the Great Red Spot

which is a great storm

and is a symbol

The white appearance in this image is due to James Webb's infrared image processing method. Also visible to the left is Europa.

Jupiter's moons

It is believed that there is an ocean beneath the moon's thick ice crust.

and the goals of NASA's future Europa Clipper missions.

Moreover, Europa's shadow can be seen to the left of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

while other moons

Also visible in these images are Thebe and Metis.

Scientists at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore say

New images of Jupiter

Points to a thorough understanding of what James Webb has observed from the faintest and most distant galaxies.

to the planets in our solar system

Some of Jupiter's rings are also easily captured.

Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA.

And B. Holler and J. Stansberry (STScl)