After the first intergovernmental conference for the opening of negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania is taking place in Brussels, the Macedonian opposition party, OBRM-PDUKM, through a press release, has reacted saying that it is all a fraud and a game of power.

"Macedonia does not start negotiations, everything is a game of SDSM and DUI, OBRM-PDUKM will not allow the change of the Constitution", announced the opposition party.

OBRM-PDUKM has emphasized that it will never support constitutional changes, and that the government cannot do anything without 2/3 of the necessary votes.

"OBRM-PDUKM will not allow changes to the Constitution and full Bulgarianization of the state.

The government does not have 2/3 and will not have it.

The negotiation framework must change.

Only Macedonia is connected to Bulgaria by the Protocol.

There is no reciprocity, only rights for Bulgaria and obligations for Macedonia.

Bulgaria does not recognize our language, nor our minority in Bulgaria, and demands the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution of Macedonia.

Where is the reciprocity here?

Macedonia is in an unequal position in relation to Bulgaria.

Because of the traitor Kovacevski, Bulgaria's problem with Macedonia is now the EU's problem with Macedonia.

The traitor Kovacevski put the state in a subordinate position and for this he must be held responsible", say OBRM-PDUKM.

We emphasize that the delegations of Macedonia and Albania were received today at the meeting by the heads of the EU, while the first joint conference between North Macedonia and the European Union will be held at 11:00.