Alert has been issued for Rajasthan and Punjab border... (symbolic photo)

The country's intelligence department has issued a big alert regarding

Rajasthan and Punjab .

The Rajasthan-Punjab border is becoming a stronghold of Pakistan, Khalistani supporters and hard core elements, in which there is an alert for 2 districts of Rajasthan, Ganganagar and Hanumangarh.

According to the alert - this district is a new stronghold of operations for gangsters and pro Khalistanis of Punjab.

After Punjab, ISI has now prepared a new plan to use Rajasthan for terrorist background.

It has been written in the alert that after Pakistan ISI Punjab has now hatched a conspiracy to deliver consignments of weapons, drugs, hand grenade explosives through drones in Rajasthan.

This new route-new plan of Pakistan has been prepared because, in recent months, the country's state police paramilitary forces have recovered several consignments of explosives, drugs and weapons sent to India from across the border. Finding out.

Regarding this alert of the Intelligence Department, the State Police ATS Intelligence Unit and the country's capital Delhi Police have also been instructed to be alert and alert and keep a close watch on all those districts and towns of Rajasthan Punjab border.

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