A West Virginia woman has woken up from a two-year coma and identified her brother as her attacker, according to police.

According to foreign media, the Telegraph reports, Wanda Palmer, 51, accused her brother of assaulting her at her residence near Cottageville, West Virginia, in June 2020.

Police said Palmer was "assaulted and left for dead," according to a statement posted by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

Police say they found Palmer in an "upright position" on her couch with severe injuries caused by what appeared to be an axe.

Jackson Sheriff Ross Mellinger told CNN that when police arrived, they thought she was dead, but soon realized she was still alive and breathing shallowly.

Police never found the gun, Mellinger said.

BREAKING: Jackson Co.

deputies have arrested Daniel Palmer for the attempted murder of his sister, Wanda Palmer, 2 years ago.

Wanda has been in a coma since the brutal attack nearly killed her.

Sheriff tells me she was able to recently identify her attacker & arrest was made today pic.twitter.com/8yd4POSC1r

— Leslie Rubin (@LeslieRubinWCHS) July 15, 2022

Meanwhile, a witness reported seeing Palmer's brother, Daniel, on her porch around midnight the night before she was discovered, Mellinger said.

There were no phone records, surveillance footage or eyewitnesses outside Palmer's home, the sheriff said.

Police investigated several people but were never able to press charges.

And a few weeks ago, Mellinger said, his office received a call from Palmer's care facility saying she was able to speak with authorities.

Palmer was only able to answer yes or no questions, but provided enough evidence for police to arrest Daniel, Mellinger told CNN.

Daniel Palmer III, 55, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding on Friday, according to arrest records obtained by CNN.

According to authorities, Wanda Palmer is now "conscious" but unable to hold full conversations.