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In the last two weeks, our country was literally shaken by the "Semerjiev" case.

A case of a man with a criminal record, suspected of having, after using drugs, got into a car and crashed at high speed on a metropolitan boulevard, killing two young women.

The case shocked society, not least because it turned out that not just anyone, but a policewoman from the capital's 1st police station helped him to hide. 

On July 5, late in the evening, the criminal Georgi Semerdzhiev caused a serious accident and killed two young women - aged 22 and 26.

The incident happened in the center of Sofia at the intersection next to the "Hemus" hotel.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that Semerdzhiev had fled.

They found him 12 hours later.

He was arrested under spectacular arrest at his home.

After his capture, the investigators completed his portrait - Semerdzhiev had 50 traffic violations, had a revoked license and drove with a fake one.  

Here is the driver who caused the serious accident in Sofia

It was reported by the interior minister that there was a police umbrella over Semerdzhiev.

Anonymous sources from the investigation also named the insider - Simona Radeva.

And she confirmed it with a post on social networks and a threat that the truth will come out.

Apparently, the investigators brought out another fact - Simona's friend, also a policeman, but in the 4th police station in Sofia, also had unregulated contacts with Semerdzhiev. 

Coincidentally or not, Simona's friend Miroslav Yakimov was the first to arrive at the accident.

He refused to comment on whether he helped Semerdzhiev to go into hiding.

Days after the brutal accident, evidence shows that Simona Radeva was not in Georgi Semerdzhiev's car.

This was confirmed by sources from the investigation.

According to our information, minutes after the impact, Georgi called Simona from the phone of his worker in the car wash, where he ran away and hid.

CCTV cameras captured his escape from the crash.

They took Georgi Semerdzhiev out of his home

According to Nova TV sources, Simona Radeva and Georgi Semerdzhiev met in October 2021, after she stopped him on the road and he refused to give an alcohol test.

Radeva asks for the assistance of the "Traffic Police" and her colleagues to remove the number plates of his car.

Their irregular relationship started at a later stage, as Simona's friend Miroslav put her in touch with Georgi.

Sources of the investigation also reveal that the young policewoman took BGN 2,000 a month from Semerdzhiev to cover him up.

According to unofficial information, Radeva was a manager at the former football player's car wash, and uniformed officers from 4 RU used the services there for free in exchange for information important to him.

Simona Radeva received BGN 2,000 per month to cover up Semerdzhiev

The deputy head of the investigation, Yasen Todorov, told the media, however, that Simona and another police officer helped Semerdzhiev to hide, even carrying the ladder he used to get into his home because he had lost the keys to the house. 

Simona Radeva has been suspended from her position for two months while an investigation is underway against her for patronizing Semerdzhiev.

The prosecutor's office is also investigating influence peddling.

After the serious accident, Radev's friend Miroslav was transferred to a post with the detainees in 4RU, probably so that he would not be in the field, because he is already recognizable.

Miroslav is an employee of the "Security Police" sector at 4 RU.

His boss is the former head of the Traffic Police Zvezdelin Kolev, against whom disciplinary proceedings are currently underway.

300 icons and a bunch of vibrators were found in Semerdzhiev's home

The Nova TV team found Miroslav and Simona, but both refused to comment on whether they helped Semerdzhiev.

Simona's parents also refused to comment.

Her father, Tihomir Radev, returned from abroad after the incident. 

It is noteworthy that both cars - that of Miroslav and that of Simona - have completely tinted windows, which is a gross violation and they should be stopped from moving.

Periodically, each department head is required to check the personal cars of his employees for violations.

Accordingly, the head of the Security Police at 4 RU-Zvezdelin Kolev and the head of 1 RU.

Such checks were apparently not carried out, or some officers were allowed to break the traffic law.