Print notices to prevent fake lottery, starting to sell 7 million copies today.

The new millionaire was 5 tickets for 30 million.

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17 July 2022 5:15 a.m.





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Lottery neck is ready.

The Office of the Lottery opens for sale of digital lottery tickets for August 1, 2022, amounting to 7.1 million tickets. "Lawan" reiterates that 80 baht lottery tickets exist.

and inform the adjustment of anti-counterfeiting forms on the lottery ticket

Solve the problem of selling lottery thip by typing "set number" over the "date period" starting from August 1 onwards, including warning of buying digital lottery from others.

may cause problems

If the prize has been won and has not been paid.

Because the digital lottery is the name of the buyer through the Tao Tang app.

After the Government Lottery Office has issued digital lottery tickets for sale through the Pao Tang application for 3 draws, it has been very popular with lottery fans.

Later on July 16, reporters reported that

The Government Lottery Office will open digital lottery sales.

The draw for August 1, 2022 on July 17 through the Tao Tang application from 06.00-23.00 hrs. of every day or until the number of digital lotteries sold through the Tao Tang app runs out. On August 1, there will be a total of 7,167,500 digital lottery tickets out of the 100 million lottery tickets, representing only 7%.

Mr. Lawan Sangsanit, Chairman of the Lottery Committee

Government lottery said that the Lottery Office is ready to sell digital lottery tickets through the 4th installment of the Pao Tang app, starting from 6:00 AM onwards, with 7 million digital lotteries sold in this draw and will gradually increase the number of lottery 2 per draw. million tickets until reaching 20 million tickets. Digital lottery tickets will be sold at a price of 80 baht. Buyers can choose to buy an unlimited number of tickets.

And I reiterate that digital lottery is just one way to solve the problem of overselling and to give people the option to buy lottery tickets for 80 baht and 80 baht lotteries do exist.

Mr. Lawon also said that

The Lottery Office confirms that

Digital lotteries are not destroying retailers with only 7 million tickets, while as many as 93 million tickets are sold in the market.

Therefore, digital lotteries are just a market gimmick.

in order to prevent the sale of lotteries exceeding the price of 80 baht and the Lottery Office

will take care of lottery dealers for both digital and ticket systems

to live together properly

For the statistics of selling digital lottery tickets for the past 3 draws, the first draw was sold out within 5 days, with 1.5 million people buying, the number of 5.173 million lottery tickets, the second installment, sold out within 3 days, 1.08 million people bought, the number of 5.151 million lottery tickets 3 sold out within 2 days, 908,662 people bought, number of 5.146 million lottery tickets

Lt. Col. Nun Sansanakom, Director of the Office

The government lottery said it would like to remind people once again about buying digital lottery tickets from others.

There may be problems later.

If the prize is won, the money will not be received.

Because the digital lottery is the name of the buyer through the Tao Tang app.

And the money will be transferred to the account of the original purchaser only.

To post for sale or resell at a price of more than 80 baht, the office will notify the lawsuit immediately.

In the past, the lawsuit has been filed and fined 10,000 baht. If people want to buy digital lottery tickets for 80 baht, they can be purchased through the Tao Tang app on July 17 from 6:00 am onwards while The same 80 baht lottery can also be purchased at stores participating in the Lottery 80 project that are already 754 points spread across the country and will increase to 1,077 points in August and within this year there will be 80 lottery points in the station. Bangchak oil service

and 2,000 PTT Stations (PTT) nationwide

Lt. Col. Nun also said that

In order to solve the problem of buying digital lottery tickets from others

and falsely claiming to sell lottery tickets repeatedly

Lottery Office

Has adjusted the format of the data on the lottery ticket from the original “Series No” to be under “Date Period” modified to type the number “Series” added by superimposed on the “Date Period” so that the series number can be clearly seen clear

in the same position as the date period

This is the part that the seller must clearly disclose to the buyer in addition to the number on the lottery ticket.

When lottery buyers know the warrant

The series number will be able to check whether that ticket has been sold elsewhere or not.

It is also to prevent counterfeiting on lottery tickets and then selling them to the public as well.

Such forms will begin to be printed and released from August 1, 2022 onwards.

later in the evening

Reporters reported that

Digital lottery for the period of July 16, 2022, amounting to 5.146 million tickets, with only one winner, 5 tickets in a row, receiving a prize of 30 million baht, must go to the government lottery office

Airport only

Other awards

There were 35,524 winners from a total of 72,742 winning digital lottery tickets, representing a prize money of 245.90 million baht.

The winning prize of digital lottery buyers

The Pao Tang application system will notify the Pao Tang app within 18:00 on the day of the award.

The winner can choose to receive the prize in two ways. 1. Choose to receive by transferring money.

which will be transferred to the Krungthai Bank account linked to the Pao Tang app within 12 hours for the convenience of the buyer

This method will incur a fee.

1% and stamp duty fee 0.5%. Method 2, you can choose to pick up the prize money at the Government Lottery Office, Nai Nam Airport, by booking the desired date and time to receive the prize money.

In order for the Lottery Office to prepare the original lottery ticket

to return it to the buyer

to enter the process of raising the prize money

This method will pay only 0.5% stamp duty.

Digital lottery winners sold through the app

Baotang must inform in the system that he will choose to receive the prize money through one of the channels within 15 days, if not done within 15 days, must come to collect the prize at the lottery office within 2 years. Year Money will be transferred to state money by default.