Chum Phae grocery seller, according to the number 50-05, comes every draw. Heng wins the 1st prize, 6 million.

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16 July 2022 21:19





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A grocery seller at Chum Phae district became a lucky person, won the lottery, the 1st prize, received 6 million, revealed that on the day of the Buddhist Lent, a big elephant came to the front of the house.

So I bought bananas and sugar cane.

Husband said that he would have great luck.

Make a plan to use the money to pay off your home debt.

On July 16, 2022, after the results of the government lottery for the date of July 16, 2022, reporters were informed that there was a 1st prize winner of the Government Lottery at Ban Nong Thong, Wang Hin Lat Subdistrict, Amphoe Wang Hin. Chum Phae, Khon Kaen Province, therefore went to check the facts.

Know the lucky person, Mrs. Kritsana Aksornnu, 36 years old, villagers in Village No. 11, Ban Nong Thong, Wang Hin Lat Subdistrict

Mrs. Kritsana revealed that she had a career in selling groceries in the village.

and open a food stall selling a la carte as well

bought a lottery from a regular hawker

By buying the last number 05-50 as the number you like every draw

In which this draw has bought 5 lotteries, 1 out of 5 has a number 620405, 1 card.

The lucky person further said that after the results of the prize draw, it appears that he won the 1st prize for 6 million baht. Used to borrow debts to build this house for 1 million baht and will be kept as scholarships for 2 children. As for the husband who works as a security guard at the bus station, Chum Phae will continue to work as usual.

Mrs. Krishna said that earlier on the day of the Buddhist Lent

Her husband has set up an amulet in the house.

It appears that an elephant wanders up to the front of the house and enters the courtyard.

He bought sugarcane and bananas to feed the elephants.

Seeing this, her husband exclaimed that a large elephant had entered the house.

Must have a big luck for sure.

I didn't think it would be a good omen to win the 1st prize. It's really big luck.