Aleksandar Vučić has stated that he will soon form a new government, which aims at the country's membership in the European Union as well as maintaining friendship with Russia.

"The next government will not be anti-Russian, but will preserve traditional Serbian friendships," said the president of Serbia, Vucic, reports


"What kind of government it will be, I believe it will be a Serbian government, which will work for the fastest membership of Serbia in the European Union", he told reporters at the Nikola Tesla airport.

Asked how the consultations on the formation of the new Government are going, the president said that there is already an "unclear majority" in the Assembly of Serbia, but that he will talk about the consultations when they are finished.

We remind you that during the past days, Serbia has further strengthened its friendship with the Russian state, allowing the Russian propaganda television, Russia Today, which is sanctioned by the EU countries, to receive national frequencies for broadcasting.

Otherwise, Serbia is the only candidate country for membership in the European Union that has not imposed sanctions on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.