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"Destiny Ceremony" or "Renewal Ceremony"...

Faith is believed to be a ceremony that extends life.

They also act for the prosperity of life.

Have a happy life, free from suffering and sickness.

Including being more and more prosperous

“Tradition to inherit people's destiny”

is one of the important auspicious traditions of northern people that are popularly performed on many occasions, such as on birthdays.

rank of rank

Including... on the day of the new house, new cubicle, or going to a new place

Sometimes when fortune tellers say that fate is not good

Destiny should have a ceremony to exorcise bad luck and inherit the old fate... It will make you avoid sickness, safety, continue to live with happiness.

For the ceremony site must be made in the hall.

If it is a temple, it will be done in a viharn or a place.

"Na Wang"...the abbot's living room

If it's a house, it will make "Bon Tin", which is to receive guests, which requires a room that is wide enough for guests to attend the event...

Sometimes, besides relatives, there are also close acquaintances.

If it is a temple, there will be monks, novices, upasakas, and upasikas who attend the event.

For example

, "Home Destiny Tradition"

, homes in the north arise only from the establishment of the community at this age.

For example, it was established in the year of the Buddha, 2400 AD. If counting to the present, it is a hundred years ago.

Most people believe that houses that are set up on auspicious days are suffering from sickness all over the place.

In the event that more than 3 people die in a row in the house at the same time

The villagers considered... "a sinister fell into the house", so the villagers brought the story "Polishing the House, Dispelling the House" together to perform a ritual to dispel the blow.

It's called... "Investigate the fate of the house"

Another thing... Songkran New Year has passed, the period of Pak Year, Pak Duen, Pak Wan, namely April 16, 17, 18, the villagers will determine one day to inherit the destiny of their home in order to bring harmony to themselves.

Children in their own home...

It is interesting that "Pa Wenee succeeds in destiny" can be done every month, not at any specific time.


This belief in destiny is a legend that appears in the destiny scriptures that say:

"Phra Sariputta Thera", the apostle of the Buddha, has three Cheras, one named "Tissa", 7 years old, who came to be ordained to study for a period of time ... One day, Phra Sariputra noticed that his age Only 7 more days until death.

Phra Sariputra therefore called a novice to tell the truth that ... according to fortune-telling texts and textbooks, she can live no more than 7 days. other

knowing so

The novice also had great sorrow.

pitiful cry

After worshiping Master, he returned home with a gloomy face.

But while the novice traveled on the way back, he saw a small fish in a pond that was drying up... saw that the fish was struggling because the water was dry enough to sustain life.

So the little novice murmured, saying… err! We will die within 7 days, this fish without water will die today.

Not yet... Even if we die, save these animals or fish from death.

think so

So he spoons all the big and small fish in a container, that is... a bowl, and takes them out to the big river.

Not only this, along the way, a novice also met a barking hunter… then released another barking barking.

When he got home, he told everyone about his dying story.

They were all very sad...and they all waited for the novice's death with a sad heart.

Set one day...two days in order until 7 days had passed since the novice had not died.

If returned to have more radiant skin.

Relatives then told them to go back to the teacher.

When he arrived at Sariputra, he was amazed that he had burned the book.

Got a novice rhythm and told the story that he had made.

whether it is about releasing fish

Releasing E-Keng... Actions to prolong the lives of these animals are therefore "merit"... a power to escape from "death".

With the legend above...

This made the villagers in the north popular to perform the destiny ceremonies until today...


The “Destiny” ceremony invites 9 or more monks.

The host lights incense and candles to worship the Three Jewels.

Grandfather Achan leads to pay homage to the precepts

The presiding monk gave the precepts and Grandfather Arathana Phra Parittara

Monks congregate with the devas to lead the chanting of the destiny in the northern style

which contains many specific hymns

such as Chinnabanchorn, chanting to succeed the fate of the little auspicious universe

and general prayers

While the monks chant the "destiny" and the descendants will go into the

"Sue Destiny Arch" sits with hands and listens to the Buddha's prayer until the end. At the seminar "Chai Palanang", the successor will have to light a candle or holy water candle as well.

After the recitation, the host will arrange a sermon for 1 kana, such as the Sarakri scriptures.

Scriptures of Lokwuth

After the sermon is over, hands will be tied to the successor.

monks sprinkle holy water

Then the host offers food to the monks.

Thai alms prepared for the monks...the ceremony is complete.

If you do a "home destiny ceremony" in a sinful way, you will have to preach the Arintum scriptures.

The Maha Tanting Scriptures are also used by people to bring prayer threads, known in the northern style as "Fai Luang", to ask monks to tie their hands, to bow to them, and to offer their blessings for happiness and prosperity throughout the year.

One year of investigating the fate of the house will do one thing.

If not during Songkran, it will be done one month before Buddhist Lent.

Some places are popular for villagers to bring clothes to join the ceremony.

Sprinkling holy water is considered to be auspicious... inferring the destiny of a house is an important event that the villagers must come together to help each and every house.

Bring the money together and arrange according to the of each person.

In addition to money, they also bring rice, chili, salt, fresh food to cook for monks, or some places agree to bring home-cooked food to help feed the monks.

Truly, you can find it according to your birth... It's a powerful unity event for the masses.

“Faith”…brings a miracle?

Don't believe, don't believe, please don't… “disrespect”.