Summary of new features after iOS16 is open for trial.

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17 July 2022 05:31





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After hosting WWDC22 to introduce the latest innovations in the new operating system for Apple devices, led by iOS 16 to developers around the world.

With the opportunity for developers to meet with engineers and technology to develop applications to support the new software that is expected to be available to users of iPhone 8 or later to download the full version and use it. in the month

Sep. to come

For iOS 16, upgrade a big step to develop new features for iPhone to have a new style of use.

It is useful to increase usage.

See the screen more beautiful and more usable.

by interesting new features

such as lock screen

Allows users to customize the screen in a variety of ways.

along with changing colors and fonts to be beautiful as needed

Including upgraded widgets to keep track of information such as the weather forecast and exercise rings.

stock market index

Apple Watch battery status, etc., just set

Just open the log page and see that information.

alert side

(Notifications) View notifications on the lock screen in an expanded list view.

stacked view

or hidden view

and a notification will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To avoid disturbing other things, set the Focus mode.

Easier reset for focus mode

You can now choose which apps and people you want to receive notifications for.

using the allow or mute method

Plus, link the lock screen and focus mode to the style you want to use at the moment.

just one swipe

To switch from personal time focus mode to work time focus mode with widgets showing upcoming meetings and to-do lists.

Along with filters to filter out annoying content in your favorite apps iCloud Photo Sharing

Can share pictures with family members

When setting up a shared photo library

Most interestingly, the smart automation can be used to share photos from the Camera app or from nearby shared library members.

And all members can edit and delete photos.

For the Messages app, you can edit or lift messages that have just been sent.

While the Mail app has new tools.

Search shows accurate and complete results.

It also shows suggestions before you start typing.

This is just a rough preview. iOS 16 is expected to be officially available for download in the coming months.

This coming September, with support for iPhone 8 onwards.