Revisiting the past "Music", a movie from "Chain" to "7 Singha"


17 July 2022 05:36





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Last week, the team was curious about the entertainment line.

has entered to search and collect statistics on the number of visitors to listen to the music video (MV) of Thai songs to present to the reader that which Thai songs are considered to be popular, which are highly viewed The best on youtube of all time

It appears that the number 1 or champion is still the song "Cheek Magic" of Labanun, making a record of 539 million views, as already stated.

This week, it's the turn of the team leader who is curious.

Because since the outbreak of COVID-19 over the past two years, we have to be quarantined at home, even writing jobs have been forced to write from home.

make a lot of free time

So he had to find a way to spend his free time by going to the movies.

listen to music on youtube

Solve boredom day to day as well.

But because the head of the team is curious as a musician in the year 2490 ++ or compared to

The year was around the "50s" or "Fifty" era, so there was a tendency to listen to old songs.

or more retro music

Which is very much thanks to YouTube for having this kind of music.

Come to meet the mood of the team leader, both "Thai songs" and "international songs"

If the reader remembers

On one occasion, the head of the quirky team wrote about a popular teenage singer from 60 years ago who was alive and holding concerts every year.

Although now he is 80++ years Cliff Richard, the owner of the song The Young Ones, which is accompanied by the movie of the same name, which was released in 1962 at Chalermthai. F Richard is more famous than Elvis Presley in our home.

Incredibly, today,

60 years later, Cliff Richard still sings and plays guitar and still has older fans screaming.

even though he had become The Old One

From the discovery of Cliff Richard from YouTube at that time.

Make the team leader curious to see the value of this website in the nostalgia...because every time I yearn for the past.

Whenever you go to search, you will find the past that we have met and still remember almost everything.

Like another old "song" story that the team leader accidentally discovered.

And have lived as a way to go back to the past happily throughout the Covid-19 period.

past epidemic

Including the song “Movie soundtrack” or “Sound track” that is...sometimes it is called “Title” because some songs are used to play the background only at the beginning.

It has been a tradition of foreign films, especially Hollywood movies, since ancient times.

that there must be a background music from the beginning of the title to the important scenes

Just like a stage play that has to play the background music.

with or without lyrics

such as the movie "Chain" or "SHANE", which is a very popular cowboy movie that came to screen in Thailand when


Starring the protagonist Alan Ladd and the villain "Ghost Face" named Jack Palance, the song, title, and soundtrack are so beautiful and energetic.

When the team leader and his gang ran away from school to watch the movie "Chain" in Nakhon Sawan in that era, it can be said that

I didn't care about the background music before.

Until I just came across it on YouTube when the covids went viral.

The clip is 14 minutes long. It started playing since the title and was used to play in important episodes such as Alan Ladd duel with Jack Palanz as well.

He described the soundtrack for SHANE as composed, composed and directed by

the great US composer, Victor Young.

who both composing and directing an orchestra to play music for more than 20 films

A 14 minute clip of SHANE recorded from the original that Victor supervised the film.

Still very loud and clear, listening to it and bringing the mood back to the past very well.

When SHANE was discovered as the first song, the team leader continued to search.

Finally found another song, including the soundtrack of the cowboy movie "The Magnificent Seven" or in the Thai name "7 Sing Dan Suea" starring Yul Brinner.

The film's title track was composed and performed by leading US composer and band Elmer Bernstein.

He also composed hundreds of film and television soundtracks.

Awarded both Golden Gold Awards, Grammy Awards and Tony Awards, etc.

Another song that the team leader is very curious about is the soundtrack of the movie "The Good", The Bad and The Ugly in the Thai title "Pet Diamond Gun" starring Clint Eastwood in 1966 or B.E. Born in 1966 from the skill and brain of Ennio Morricone, an Italian composer.

but became famous in America

He composed hundreds of songs as well.

The soundtrack of this movie is very popular.

Because there is a whistling too.

It has been replayed several times, most recently by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, which has over 101 million views on YouTube.


Here's an example of a song from an older movie you can find on YouTube.

I would like to invite all the elders who wish to reminisce about the past and listen to them––I guarantee that it is like sitting in a time machine going back to the past.