Recommends Thai platforms to use "long tail" marketing to fight foreign streaming

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17 July 2022 05:28





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Dissecting the video streaming platform business 26 million Thai people are popular to watch, spend 1-3 hours a day, but are addicted to content on all foreign platforms, whether it's Netflix, Viu, Disney+ hotstar or YouTube. Thailand uses long tail marketing to fight back

Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) has released a study of the business model of video streaming platforms to support the economy in the platform era of world domination.

Pointing the way to Thai streaming platform

Have the opportunity to penetrate into the minds of consumers as popular international streaming services such as Netflix, Viu, Disney+ hotstar, iQIYI and Spotify can do.

ETDA found that more than 26 million Thai people, or almost 1 in 3, watch Video on Demand that can be accessed via the Internet anytime, anywhere.

They spend about 1 to 3 hours a day looking at these online content, and 92% use more than one platform.

Company survey results

Market Matrix Asia Co., Ltd. also found that the 3 target industries with the greatest growth opportunities on streaming platforms are 1. Entertainment.

Whether it is a producer of movies, dramas, series, music, variety shows, according to the survey, in 2020, movies and video-only streaming revenues are more than 38,003 million baht, accounting for 95% of the industry.

And the only streaming music revenue in Thailand and Korea is more than 1,700 million baht, accounting for 50% of the industry.

2. Recreation group

as a sports group

Travel, lifestyle, e-Sport games, for example, Thai League football has supported royalties through streaming channels.

During the year 2017-2020, more than 4,200 million baht or in 2020, e-Sport games have an income of about 24,000 million baht. 3. Subject groups include news groups, education, general knowledge.

Training and self-improvement, such as cooking, running a business

ETDA estimates that in 2023, it is expected that there will be an increase of 2.10 million Thais watching video streaming, a growth of 3.04%, while the number of global audiences in 2023 is expected to increase by 968.32 million, a growth of 12.10%. Using a video streaming service is higher than a live viewing service.

Because streaming video services can choose to watch as you like.

Unlimited with certain broadcast time

But the problem is the willingness of customers to switch away from the free trial.

Go to Subscription and Pay Service Fees

As for if the Thai streaming platform will fight back, foreign streaming that has taken over the beachhead of Thai audiences almost all over the head.

What Thai streaming should head towards

is to promote local charm

Because it may not be able to directly compete with major platforms such as YouTube or Netflix, and another problem is the language and the challenge of collecting viewing fees.

Producing content with a long tail marketing strategy that focuses on giving everyone access to the content they really want.

Not just popular content

Therefore, it is a strategy that Thai platforms should try to use.

Highlighting its strengths as a local platform and local content (Local Content) under the concept that

“Income from sub-category

Combined, it may be higher than the revenue of the mainstream bestsellers.” It collects and presents content that is unique, attractive, unique and trending.

In terms of interests, culture and language, for example, making movies in the northern language, Isan language, producing content for the way of life of Isan people.

and creating content to convert the central language into a mix of Northern or Isan languages, etc., in order to prepare for entering the main market (Mainstream Platform).

In addition, creating content that promotes SMEs as well.

It should help generate income and reduce foreign money outflows.

as well as attracting teachers' professions to participate in the use of streaming content.

It is an educational content presentation area.

and knowledge outside the classroom

that children across the country will enjoy learning through the perspectives of different teachers.

giving children more in-depth knowledge

And teachers get extra income from advertising costs back.