A cargo plane crashed near the northern Greek city of Kavala late Saturday, the fire brigade and state television said.

According to Reuters, state television Ert reported that the plane was an Antonov An-12 owned by a Ukrainian company, which was flying from Serbia to Jordan.

The pilot had requested an emergency landing due to an engine problem, but his signal was lost.

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The aircraft An-12BK (number UR-CIC) of the Ukrainian airline company Meridian Air Cargo, en route from Serbia to Jordan, crashed approximately 20 km west of the city of Kavala.


— Arab Intelligence – المخابرات العربية (@Arab_Intel) July 16, 2022

Meanwhile footage shows the burning plane descending rapidly before hitting the ground in what appeared to be an explosion.

Downed cargo airplane Meridian An-12BK crashing in Greece.

Unconfirmed reports that this was carrying ammunition for the Ukraine war.


— Scott Giacolett (@Jock176) July 16, 2022

The fire brigade could not confirm the type of plane and the number of people on board was not immediately clear.

In a statement, it said it had deployed 15 firefighters and seven vehicles to put out the blaze that broke out after the crash - including other rescue teams.

Meanwhile, the Serbian medium Blic.rs writes that the plane was engulfed in flames and there was an explosion, while it is said that the reason for this was that the plane was filled with explosives and ammunition.

And according to the Serbian medium in question, which quotes Greek media, there were eight people on the Antonov 12 plane, adding that due to continuous explosions, the fire and rescue teams cannot get close to the place where the Ukrainian plane crashed.