"Most likely, an attempt will be made to restore the quadruple coalition, but with some changes."

This is what the deputy from Democratic Bulgaria said in the program "Offensive with Lyubo Ognyanov" on NOVA NEWS

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political association formed by (DB) Georgi Ganev.

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Tremors in the 577 coalition

If the mandate is given to the DB, he said about the ministers: Most likely, they will be looking for people who do not have a bright political background.  

In the event that the mandate is with the BSP, the People's Representative suggested: Maybe some kind of representation with bright political figures will be sought.

Political psychologist: The president will not give the BSP the third mandate

Ganev does not share the position that negotiations with Gazprom should be renewed.

He also does not consider the expulsion of the 70 Russian diplomats a mistake.

And when asked if it doesn't bother him that his partners have different opinions on these two issues, referring to the BSP, the deputy pointed out: It worries me, of course, but the opinion of these partners must be heard and a decision made, which can be yes followed by all.

"No matter what happens, in Bulgaria someone will talk about behind-the-scenes, hidden things.

Bulgarians cannot believe it", Ganev was categorical.

According to the guest in the studio, Bulgaria will have to do without Russian gas.

It will be hard to find supplies but it is possible.

The deputy also explained that in recent months he has been observing processes that will lead to a decrease in inflation by the end of the year.

"Inflation is now 16.86% - it will become lower towards the end of the year.

The main disinflationary process that we see is that for almost a year now, the money supply has grown more slowly than prices in Bulgaria," he added.

"It is entirely possible that we will not receive any funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, especially if we go to elections," added Ganev.

The tremors in the coalition

Democratic Bulgaria