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17 July 2022 05:33





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Suzuki Carry is another vehicle that Suzuki Motor (Thailand) is proud of because in addition to being able to sell continuously.

It also helps to create a variety of jobs.

Help to awaken the economy to come back to bustling.

“Wallop Trireuk-ngam”, Executive Vice President of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Camp, hit the gong and informed that the Suzuki Carry is the leader of a small multi-purpose pickup truck, a real sound.

With cumulative sales in Thailand of more than 57,000 units since 2006 to the present.

Because with the versatility that meets the needs of various applications

Especially the facelift to use in the role of food trucks that play an important role in creating jobs, creating careers for customers and creating food truck fever trends.

It is also one of the stars of the Suzuki booth at various car shows.

Because Suzuki Motor (Thailand) camp will transform this model into a variety of unique.

in case it is an idea for entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams

For example, in the Bangkok Motor Show 2022 last April.

has been transformed into a home car

while the Bangkok Auto Salon 2022 at the end of the month

Jun has been transformed into a mobile barber shop, complete with VIP barber equipment.

and at the Fast Auto Show 2022 at the beginning of July, came in the mood of "Kui Chab Yuan Charung Rot Shop"

In addition, during the past Covid-19 crisis, Suzuki Motor (Thailand) camp has also transformed the Suzuki Carry into a biosafety sample car.

or covid test car

including transport vehicles for COVID-19 patients

return home

"Wanlop" said that the Suzuki Carry responds to the needs of using a flat pickup truck that opens on all 3 sides, helping to make loading and unloading luggage more convenient.

Sold at a price of only 395,000 baht.

It is also ready to create opportunities for ownership more easily.

Under the supervision of a financial institution, join as "Suzuki Exclusive Leasing" with a special offer of 25% down payment, installments starting at only 7,777 baht. Customers can consult at Suzuki car showrooms nationwide.

“We are ready to provide comprehensive advice on design and decoration.

and participate in budget planning for customers to fulfill their dreams in every path of business on wheels”.