Isuzu gives water...for life.

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17 July 2022 05:37





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Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Camp

have carried out the project

"Isuzu gives water...for life" for the 10th consecutive year

has helped deliver a comprehensive clean drinking water system to schools in the backcountry across Thailand

To aim to improve the quality of life of students and staff in schools across the country

including nearby communities by delivering a comprehensive clean drinking water system to solve sustainable problems

This is another social responsibility activity that Isuzu Group is proud to help reinforce its business philosophy or the "Isuzu way" that is, "Happy users, increasing income.

help the society to develop.”

For this project is a collaboration between Isuzu Group.

with Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Camp

as the mainstay and the Department of Groundwater Resources

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Recently, a complete system of clean drinking water has been delivered to the 40 school at Ban Pang Mayao School, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province, which is located in an area surrounded by rocky mountains.

Far from the city and Chiang Dao community

"Takashi Hata" Managing Director

Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Camp revealed that the "Isuzu Gives Water...for Life" project will start from Isuzu dispatching a team to explore the problem with officials from the Department of Groundwater Resources.

To find a solution to the problem of lack of clean drinking water in schools across the country

Schools selected for urgent assistance will be equipped with groundwater drilling equipment.

Ready to build a complete filtering system for clean drinking water according to international standards

To help students and teachers have clean drinking water for consumption and reduce the cost of purchasing water, and set up a “Student Drinking Water Production Demonstration Center and Sustainable Clean Drinking Water Quality Development System” along with ongoing training on maintenance procedures.

For the 40th project is Ban Pang Mayao School.

There are students in kindergarten-lower school levels.

Approximately 390 teachers and staff

were found. The problem was during the dry season.

Feb.–May. Water in natural reservoirs

(Huai Pla Prung Reservoir) is often dry, not having enough water for consumption and consumption.

The school had to solve the problem by pumping water from the stream behind the school which was very turbid and sedimentary.

even though filtered

Therefore, it is necessary to purchase bottled water for consumption.

As a result, the school's monthly expenses are quite high.

which the acquisition of clean water of this school

“It's been the most challenging since we've been working on this project.”

The Department of Groundwater Resources has to drill 3 artesian wells in order to find the water source and when the water source is found, the water is still a cloudy red color.

Therefore, two more steps have to be taken in order to obtain clean water.

The first step is to pump water from natural sources that have been excavated and add alum to the water to help sedimentation. The second stage is a water tank to allow the sediment to separate from the water before entering the RO system.

Isuzu Group sincerely hopes that the delivery of this project will help schools have clean water for sustainable use.

according to the Isuzu group policy that

“We will continue this project until there are no more schools in Thailand experiencing a shortage of clean drinking water.”

Al Capone