Coffee lovers can have a long life?

stubborn doctor

17 July 2022 6:11 a.m.





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The human world has been aware of the properties of coffee for a long time.

The same is true for Thai people and non-time workers.

Some day shifts, some nights, both the guard career and the doctor's career that depend on coffee as a monk.

Allegedly being superheroes, working 36 or 48 hours in a row for nearly 72 hours, using standing, sleeping, and coffee as a refuge.

The properties of the coffee

Doctor Naughty had previously told about it in the Health column of Hansa.

And there have been studies on coffee drinking and making life longer or lowering the risk of mortality, such as a study in 10 European countries reported in the Journal of the American Association of Internal Medicine (Ann Intern Med) in 2017. the same

in the same journal

But it was a study in non-white people.

and until studies related to health conditions

and the incidence of heart disease, cancer and gallstones

including various diseases

A similar benefit was found in the European Journal of Nutrition in 2022.

However, when it comes to coffee, it's still a matter of how people want to know which coffee is better, roasted or brewed, filtered or unfiltered.

and the important thing is

If adding sugar or artificial sugar will reduce the goodness of the coffee or not?

It was estimated in 2022 that Americans drink 517 million cups of coffee a day, and when asked individually, 66 percent reported that they still drank coffee yesterday.

Coffee contains many beneficial substances.

and it is believed that the mechanism of good health and disease-fighting

It is associated with the antioxidant capacity derived from caffeine and chlorogenic acids and also has anticoagulant properties.

through the platelet mechanism

So it should help explain that coffee.

This can help reduce the risk of stroke or thrombosis.

and even today

Coffee is another one that has been studied whether it can prevent dementia or not.

At the same time, if it is brewed or unfiltered coffee, cafestol is combined with other ingredients.

That can increase blood fat, but not much, and coffee has the effect of increasing blood pressure in a short time after drinking.

But then the pressure dropped normally back to its original state.

According to the long-term follow-up of people who drink coffee

But the results of the general study

show that

Coffee when drinking like Banyabanyang

Help longevity as above

But if drinking too much will reduce the benefits.

It appears in the shape of a U (U), thinking of the letter U.

drink in moderation

Disease and mortality are declining.

But too much has become an uptrend and is equivalent to someone who doesn't drink coffee at all.

This latest study

published in a journal

The same issue, the Ann Intern Med, dated May 31, 2022, doesn't look easy to do. This proves that the addition of sugar or artificial sugar to coffee can make health worse.

Or does it reduce the benefits of coffee?

The researchers compiled baseline data collected in a UK Biobank study between 2009 and 2012. There were 171,616 participants aged 37 to 73 in 22 UK research centres.

This study gave the same results as the previous report.

at drinking coffee with and without caffeine

It reduces mortality from all causes related to cancer and related to cardiovascular disease.

By reducing the risk of death by about 30% by using coffee that is not put.

or add sugar and artificial sugar

by the group without added sugar or artificial sugar

Drinking about three glasses or three cups.

Coffee is the best way to reduce mortality.

Compared to people who don't drink coffee at all

in the sweetened group

Drinking about two glasses works best.

But in the detailed information, drinking goes from three and a half to four and a half glasses.

still benefit

However, it is not limited to ground coffee.

or instant coffee

However, drinking too much will reduce the goodness of coffee.

The risk of death goes back to the same as for non-coffee drinkers.

There are some limitations to this study.

and it was noted in the editorial that

Before everyone rushes to drink a coffee called caramel macchiato, which is a coffee blend of caramel, fresh milk and frothed milk topped with caramel.

Which is suitable for people who like the intensity of espresso.

And that is fragrant and sweet.

But there are 15 grams of sugar in an eight-ounce glass.

And unlike the coffee in this study, the amount of sugar.

About one teaspoon or 4 grams, so the results of this study may not answer the question.

In addition, the study of the health properties of coffee

So far this has been a long term study and observation and analysis.

(observational), which although strict control variables

There are many other factors.


When combined with the properties of substances in coffee that have various effects.

make it more reliable

And the past studies have always had the same effect.

Although studies have tried to use various genes or genetic health indices of some human beings.

But still can't explain the health benefits of coffee.

Conclusion Regarding coffee, according to the editors of the journal:

And a doctor like us

When a patient with a pre-existing medical condition asks if they can drink coffee or not.

And can you put more sugar in it?

The answer that can be given with the best information right now is

Anyone who already drinks coffee does not have to quit drinking.

But probably not enough to put the sweetness into the caramel-like fullness.

And how much longer life or the risk of death can be reduced?

I would answer that it can help.

at least on some level

and drink in moderation as above

and the doctor added that

It also depends on the individual who may have different sensitivity to coffee with a rapid heartbeat or palpitations.

even if drinking in small quantities

If so, maybe you don't have to drink.

But those who drink

Always know what level you should drink.

because in large quantities for oneself there will be palpitations as a defense.

It will remain at the original level.

but of course it is

If there is a lack of health control

lack of exercise

Still eating hot food

that cause inflammation in the body

and does not control underlying disease

Drinking coffee probably won't help much.

stubborn doctor