Another dimension of Ket Bua Tum

Plai Chumphon

17 July 2022 6:18 a.m.





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Friends who love Phra Somdet ... open the mobile phone to see the picture of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang in large print.

standard mold

The amulet is clean, white and clean. The amulet appears to be around the head of the lease, with a large hole

caused by loose grains.

A bit eye-catching... the back

Symbolic wrinkles... considered passed.

For people who are monks...this is a real monk.

Phra Somdej in the market mechanism today is not at the "Phra Buddha", but at the "owner" amulet, the price of 30 million baht, which comes with the name sounds like a medium price.

If you listen to the price that has already been sold

one hundred and fifty million

according to the dignity of the owner

Until today, Thai amulet market

It's still in the same blinds...a market.

Between an immortal monk in a shopping center and a magnate buyer... Market Two

Changing hands according to money and wisdom

and the third market, the lower market, have a general trading plan, there are no rules, if you like it, you can buy it, the price is said to be from hundreds to thousands, if there is an item that sells to ten thousand... I used to bargain for one...

Time to go to the ATM

Come back, there are people selling monks together.

see it as strange

Book an appointment to see four or five people.

See the image of Phra Somdej

Pimket Bua Tum


The lion base mold is narrow... the Buddha image is quite sharp.

until he saw his face

He was assassinated.

The overall condition of the amulet appears to have some bumps and roughness.

especially the back

This amulet, for me, is a real amulet, but stumbles upon the will be the amulet on the Thonburi side, which is Wat Rakhang or Phra Wat Rim Klong Bang Khun Phrom, on the Bangkok side.

Gradually set the mind and use wisdom to contemplate...starting at the bright shadow of the skin, the yellowish-white flesh, the high relief, the arch lines, the chest, the knees, etc. The softness, the the level of "deeply arranged" of the flower pollen of Wat Rakhang. comfortable

deep in the wall

The printed powder surface is quite thick...There are holes, wrinkles, and white lumps. The important point is the blackish-brown patches...

attached to the bottom corner of the base

and another point at the top of the arch

If you see the glasses

"Meat loves clean water" can decide.

Keep your eyes open. Two dark brown lumps in front...keep with the black patch.

both thick and thin from the back

which overall has holes and grooves

Deep, shallow, mixed ... until it can be seen as a reaction of "dungeons", but some people are monks.

You may be familiar with the back of Somdej Wat Rakhang.

that peeled off the love that wasn't clean

There shouldn't be any consideration to be confused with which side of Phra Somdej...Indeed, it is the Phra Somdej of Thanon, which is Wat Rakhang.

Phra Somdet. The condition of the flower is like this... the seller wants it. It's expensive.

told the bell temple

Buyers want to buy cheaper.

I told Bang Khun Phrom...the circle of using the word "Phra Song Khlong"

I didn't ask Mr. Chart Ladprao, the owner of the monk...but I would like to lose my from my own experience.

I hope Khun Chart doesn't mind... and guessed by himself.

Khun Chat probably evaluated this Phra Somdej, not as hot as the market price.

Used to be in the eyes of Ket Bua Tum

About ten millimeters thick, one amulet...Khun Chart posted it on the front cover of Klang Amulet magazine...and said that

Share with Khun Prai Pattano for a price of two hundred thousand...

I watched it and I was blown away.

If I met before Khun Phrai

I will go to ask for a chance to win with Khun Chat.

I have known Khun Chat for a long time.

This person is eye-catching.

which one or more

If customers hesitate, get a full refund.

This is the standard for the middle class amulet industry that should not be established from time to time.

But for a lifetime.

Plai Chumphon