"Uncle Pom" great show

Destiny Chongsakul

17 July 2022 6:24 a.m.





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News "shake the bottle" this weekend

Step into the final government no-confidence debate festival

before leaving to go to the polling place

Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, the number 1 prime minister, was ripped off, followed by "2 years" and 8 other ministers from the ruling coalition.

The person acting as the chairman of the meeting must be tired.

Because it was scheduled from 19-22 July 65, voted on 23 July 65

"Mr. Chuan Leekpai", the chairman of the House of Representatives, has returned to sit on the throne to control an important game that would be pounding in full force.

I don't know what the opposition will have.

I see you talk a lot...

Opposition plans to repel the premiums to go to Khun.

Starting from the Bhumjaithai Party Minister, to the Democratic Party, to the Pracharath Power

Then "3 years" ends with "Uncle Tu", who reluctantly shows the incompetence of the failed administration of the land.

interesting is

Thai Economic Party with Capt. Thammanat Phromphao as party leader

announced separation from the government

Turning the bow to work with the opposition...

18 July 65 The opposition will have a meeting to survey the readiness before entering the forum and consider whether

Will the new opposition get into the washing process or not?

If it's okay, it's time for discussion.

but questioned whether

Do you have any tips?

But it seems that the opposition does not give much importance.

In addition to being a coalition to terrorize the government only

Hope is just 16 voices to pour to the opposition to distrust.

which did not cause the government to panic

Moreover, the small party of 16, it was clear that the sound was broken.

Most of them still want to be on the side of the government.

because there is nothing

General Prawit Wongsuwan, the leader of the Pracharat Party

Having made an appointment to discuss, it would end with a strong friendship.

Let's say 11 ministers passed the exam.

But the trust score would probably be somewhat different as it appeared before.

Another angle that must be followed is that "Cobra" will roam around to hurt your heart!

There has been news for a while that after the war, the government will adjust

Cabinet, especially from the power of the People's State

reasoned that in order not to cause internal ripple

is to prevent the transition from Pracharat power to be affiliated with other parties

Recently confirmed that

No adjustments

because they are afraid that it will cause turbulence to the whole government

In addition, the government will have to prepare a big event, namely

APEC meeting

which will have a large number of leaders from various countries

Hospitality had to make the government "quiet" without any ripple effect.

At the same time, it will coordinate with the party to unity.

be of one mind

Join the fight to return to be the leader of the government again.

"Uncle Pom" will show his powers for everyone to see.

Of course, the "black soil bullet" to lead in the election field will be the most ready than other parties. Feel comfortable.

Because if you lose, pack your bags and go home together!

"Likit Chongsakul"