"Thammanat" throws a bomb to open the stage to clean up "Big Tu": Chase and smash it until it's bruised, the longer it drags on.

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17 July 2022 6:41 a.m.





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How strong is the dictatorship?

still have to suffer the economic problems of the mouth

According to a pilot phenomenon from Sri Lanka, people from all over the country gathered to oust the leader like President

"Kota Baya Rajapaksa"

until they had to flee the country.

Failed management base

causing the country's economy to go bankrupt.

Until the reserve funds are not left.

The government does not have an administrative budget.

Causing the situation of power shortage because there is no money to import fuel.

The image of cars queuing for refueling at the gas station in despair

nationwide power outage

People have to use firewood instead of cooking gas.

The product is expensive because it cannot be imported from abroad.

Sri Lankans fear starvation more than the barrel of a gun.

The size of the military-backed government announced a curfew.

Using special powers, still can't control the riot situation.

Angry citizens burned down the president's house.

spread to the prime minister's mansion

must scatter

run away

State power cannot withstand the power of hardships of impatient people.

according to the tendency to spread to each other as a chain

“Economic crisis”

will be a condition that will shake stability in many countries.

Born in South Asia

The same condition has also formed, in many other cities, worrisome symptoms.

except Thailand

Prepare to fasten your seat belts for impact.

Tracking from the "Big Tu" address, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense also released a statement on "3 axes to create the future" without a flute.

Importantly, it has also been criticized.

There is no real knowledge of what the strategy was announced.

The kind of mood that Mr. Banyong Pongpanich, the executive of a famous private company, asked, "Who wrote it?"

I didn't understand what you said.

In the same way as Mr. Santi Kiranan, deputy leader of the Thai Future Party, which is very soft and fake, funny, believes that the Prime Minister is not the one who thinks it himself.

The result is Mukpaek, reinforcing the stance of the Prime Minister who has portrayed himself as a

"Captain of the economic team"

, but

What is it that reflects

unable to sit

The situation of economic management failure is pita for professional military leaders.

both the rising oil prices

cooking gas surging

Electricity bills hit the villagers

Most of the Thai people are struggling with their stomachs, being surrounded by the

“expensive all over the country” situation.

"Time bomb"

that fuses to flow near the drowning point

step in every moment

Fighting forced "Big Tu", so he had to hurry to drill holes to relieve pressure, open 3 axes, build a future, sell dreams, clear the problem of poverty.

forming wealth spreading throughout the land

But the mood of people who do not know what to eat today and tomorrow

Therefore, he did not follow the leader's distant dreams.

Most of the current calls for a change in leadership and management.

in the rhythm of the situation

General Prayut and

The cabinet is entering a political "killing zone" in a no-confidence debate that will be fought on July 19-22.

The last slaughter stage at the end of the council semester

In the midst of a cloud of dust from the opposition coalition's overture game

Both the Pheu Thai Party, the Progressive Party, the armor, knocking on wood, following the form, threatening the leaders and ministers.

be careful

Knocks down the council

Shockingly, those who are in the network of fleeing plum points, including "Sia Heng", Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin, "Sia-O", DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, and Deputy Minister Santi Phromphat. .treasury

Bananas must be transported from the warehouse, feed the monkeys, and hold the cobras together as a spool.

Match the score at the last

which will affect the adjustment

Cabinet likely to arise after the war of mistrust

But the heavier than anyone, according to the status of "destruction target" is inevitable leaders like

General Prayut

as government leader

The highest responsibility in the management

According to the situation that the opposition has arranged the prime minister's queue in the last order of the target slaughter

Put together a pose, emphasizing meat.

drenched in blood

and the highlighted point

This was the final opening floor of the distrustful battle.

That was the announcement of "Captain Nast" Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, the head of the Thai Economic Party.

Withdraw from supporting the government one hundred percent

No longer an amphibian party.

For reasons that are linked to the defeat of the Lampang MPs in District 4, where "Commander Nast" clearly stated that the cause was from the party's mediocre attitude towards the government.

Making people in the upper north who don't like "Big Tu" are dissatisfied with the economic management of the government leader's 3 P.

So bully did not choose a candidate for the Thai Economic Party.

That is why it is necessary to

Capt. Thammanat had to kick himself out of the government's side.

Stop stepping on each other's feet to play with.

"Big Brother" such as "Big Pom" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Pracharat Party

Open your face to throw a knife at your mortal opponent like "Big Tu" without having to hold back.

Of course, this is the fangs of "Captain Nast", who took the opportunity to pull the rhythm from the defeat of the election battle of the Lampang MPs, District 4, in a smooth way, without losing too much face.

Throw a bomb to "Big Tu" and get it full of meat.

with the condition of leaders who mismanage the economy

make people suffer

to the point where anyone is involved

also have to lead to ruin

First of all, the withdrawal of the anchor of the team "Captain Nast" is a clear cut off the vote of the Thai Economic Party from the supporters of the government.

No thrusts

It also caused the numerical equation of the supporters "Big Tu" to fall close to the boundary line.

The situation that Mr. Niroth Soonthorn, secretary of the Nakhon Sawan MP

Palang Pracharath Party

President whips the government

confess honestly

This is a point of concern for stability.

But on the other side is the side of Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, leader of the opposition.

Pheu Thai Party Leader

accepting the same condition

with the sound of a cobra being bought to join the ruling coalition

making it difficult for the opposition to overthrow the government

While Mr. Sutin Klangsaeng, deputy leader of the Pheu Thai Party

Opposition whip president

show confidence

that the Thai Economic Party moved to the opposition

Even if the government can't be overthrown

But it caused the government to shake.

If the Prime Minister is not

General Prayut

decided to resign

In conclusion, according to the game picture, "Commander Nast" withdrew the government's anchor.

At least it makes

General Prayut

tow a weathered steel boat

The sound of flooding continues to become more difficult.

can rub and rub

with the distribution of bananas to exchange points

More notorious than any government in the past.

If not by chance

The stroke fits right in the square.

with the issue of electoral law

The 500-dividing party list formula, which implied that there would be a fight, submitted to the Constitutional Court for interpretation.

Under the conditions, it would not be possible for the grand elections to take place early.

If it does not end and "Big Tu" does not use the power to issue a royal order requiring the Election Commission (Election Commission) to issue election rules for temporary use

Accidentally dragging the game until it's past the time of this set of councils that are scheduled for the full semester of March next year.

The game in the council "Big Tu" enough to survive in a scraped and peeled way.

But the problem lies in the current outside the House of Representatives.

According to the condition of military leaders who are weak in management

The economy went wrong.

make people difficult to stomach

The stamp that

"Captain Nast"

repeatedly pressed to the point that it caused all those who were connected to bully one after another.

And that will lead to the main coalition parties, including the Pracharat power camp.

Pride Thai Party

and the Democratic Camp

in the network of being consolidated

dumped in the polling place

The longer "Big Tu" drags the power

the more the opposition chased

The image of rubbing the stubborn rubbish became even more apparent.

Even if the bananas are compressed into warehouses

distributed as a food truck, it is difficult to resist current

The condition of anyone who sticks to "Big Tu" has hopes to fall.

"Political team"