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17 July 2022 6:27 a.m.





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Sriracha District, Chonburi Province

Dubbed as “Little Tokyo”, many Japanese families live and work in industrial estates in the area.

Therefore, there are serviced apartments for Japanese people to live in.

A community mall selling products imported from Japan.

Japanese people can be seen everywhere.

During the last weekend, I took my family to Sriracha.

The little daughter had the opportunity to experience the cuteness.

Japanese orderliness

After she learned through story books from writers from the rising sun since childhood.

have enough contact with foreigners

But when it's time to eat according to the Thai way of life

Come to visit the sea and it is inevitable that there are many seafood restaurants to choose from.

But no matter which nation, any language, when finished eating

must end with desserts as well

"Khun Chai Talonchim" This week, "Khun Chai Pae" introduces the shop "Racha Ice Cream Sriracha" of "Pee Da-Thanapat".

Sirisompipat, 53 years old, and Pina Chaichana Phromthong, 53 years old, are popularly known by locals as

"Uncle Mustache Ice Cream"

with a unique long mustache

Haircut in traditional Thai style like

"Mr. Chan Nuad Kiao" in the movie "Bang Rachan" is not distorted, making people remember "Phi Na" or "Uncle Mustache" very well.

until he brought a picture of himself in Mr. Chan's fang costume to make a logo of the shop

But what attracts both Thai foodies

And foreigners is the taste of ice cream that the two people work together with their creativity.

mix raw materials

Produce more than 30 different flavors of ice cream, with more than 20 types of machines to choose from. Customers can scoop the machine into the cup as they like.

This restaurant wins the hearts of both Thais.

and the Japanese for a long time

To the point that a Japanese newspaper wrote a review pointing out that it was a delicious restaurant for Japanese tourists to cross the water.

Across the sea, let's taste it. "Racha Ice Cream Sriracha" is located on Jerm Chom Phon Road.

Next to Sriracha Municipality for 18 years, this shop is not difficult to find.

Because anyone passing by in this area must be eye-catching with a large number of customers standing in line for a total length of 10 meters. It is like this every day.

I went straight to stand in the queue.

while looking at the person in front

Scoop all kinds of spices, including chid, potato, taro, butterfly peas, sago palm, big sago, small sago, millet, soybean, candied pumpkin, candied papaya, candied pumpkin, candied red bean, candied pineapple, ginkgo. Yoy, Chinese Jujube and Kanom Khai are called. Who likes to eat anything in particular?

invite a full scoop

There are also many flavors of toppings, including chocolate.

Strawberry, caramel, condensed milk and fresh milk are also served.

The line nudged into my queue.

"Take the ice cream together

with salted egg ice cream.” I ordered immediately after staring at the menu for a long time.

After receiving the ice cream cup

I chose to scoop egg snacks first.

followed by welding hatch

In fact, how much will scoop the owner of the shop, regardless.

But accidentally, the eyes pushed to see the customers standing behind the queue.

So I put down the spoon

Allowing other customers to stand in their laps

Go straight and sit down on plastic chairs for customers to sit and eat.

The taste of the ice cream is mixed, intense, sweet, it tastes good.

Smell the jackfruit smell, get the dessert to wash your mouth from all the fishy stuff, especially the aroma of coconut milk that goes well with the egg dessert.

welding hatch part

Another thing that is difficult to eat.

Not many ice cream shops use it.

After eating, my heart is full. The cool breeze blowing between the desserts is really happy.

“Community ice cream is very delicious, P.D.

Khanom Khai and Hatch Knuckle, eating it reminds me of when I was a kid.” I let out my mouth as Dada walked in and dropped her butt on the chair next to it.

To talk together enough not to be lonely.

“Our selling point is that it's not expensive to sell, starting with a small cup of 20 baht, a cup with a maximum price of 70 baht.

As for the machine, I made it myself.

Let customers scoop themselves like a buffet.

How many kinds of food would you like to eat?

How many things can be fully scooped according to the size of each cup?

As for the ice cream that Khun Chai Pae likes, I put taro, jackfruit, and lod chong mixed with coconut milk.

The aroma of jackfruit enhances the sweet and mellow taste.

Sriracha has a lot of Japanese people living in it.

I came up with the idea to use wasabi and shrimp eggs as ingredients for making ice cream.

Wasabi roe flavor

People love the novelty.”

Pee Da got up from her chair and went to take a wasabi-flavored shrimp roe ice cream for me to taste.

At first glance, it's like normal milk ice cream.

The color is the orange dot of the roe.

If we don't tell each other first, we'll never know.

But when I tasted it, I could smell the faint smell of wasabi.

It doesn't have a burning sensation in the nose like when eating with raw fish.

As for the shrimp roe, it enhances the taste of eating, crunchy chewing, good mouth feel, which is a new and creative taste.

not to stand still

It's like training yourself to use your thoughts as well.

For example, seasonal fruits will be adapted into ice cream.

Always create something new for your customers.

The popular flavor right now is salted egg coconut milk ice cream.

Bring the salted egg to crush enough to retain the salted egg flavor.

Then mix it with coconut milk and put it into the ice cream maker.

The sweet and creamy taste of coconut milk contrasts with the salty taste of the salted egg.

making it popular with foodies.”

“Besides the new ice cream modifications that are constantly being thought of.

There is also an old-fashioned ice cream, sand ice cream, the method of making is not like normal ice cream

Like a smoothie made from coconut milk, put young coconut into it and blend it roughly. People used to use straws in the past.

It's the first ice cream.

sweet taste

Customers who want to reminisce about the old fashioned ice cream can find it here.”

"Today's success

because we sell inexpensive things

Good use of raw materials

and serve customers fully and willingly

Anyone with little money can eat.

Students come to buy, sometimes they eat a little. I sell only 10 baht because if you buy a lot, the kids won't be able to eat them all.

As for the scooping machine as needed, there is no other thing that makes the customer fascinated.

Because our shop has a lot of machines to choose from.

Most importantly, the taste of ice cream is not sweet and greasy.”

“The two brothers and sisters can help each other sell ice cream to send their children to university for two. The eldest has graduated.

The younger one is studying.

I hope the children will carry on what their parents have built with pride.

Our shop is sold on the roadside like this until it has become unique for customers to remember.

A customer sits in a chair holding a cup and eats ice cream.

In the future, I hope that there will be a building for customers to sit and eat and hide from the sun and rain, but I will continue to set up a shop on the roadside like this.

Leave all readers in the past Sriracha District.

We invite you to come and try our delicious ice cream.

beside Sriracha municipality

In front of Lotus department store, you can buy it for souvenirs or you can sit and eat at the front of the shop.”

All flavors of ice cream, including coconut milk, fresh milk, sand ice cream, salted egg coconut milk, mixed mites, taro, blueberry, jackfruit, fresh milk, iced tea, lychee, avocado, banana, green tea, chocolate, black currant, wasa Bi roe shrimp, hard egg ice cream, mango, milo, black sesame, strawberry, centella asiatica, black beans, durian, passion fruit, cookies and coffee, priced at 20 baht per cup, 30 baht, 40 baht, 50 baht. and 70 baht according to the size of the cup, put in a box weighing half a kilogram, 80 baht, sold by a 20 kg bucket, 2,000 baht per bucket, "Racha Ice Cream Sriracha" is open daily from 12.00-21.00 Tel. 08-4694-7430 and 08-1597- 0273 or Facebook : King Ice Cream.

Mr. Chai Pae