"Big Luang" joins hands with housing for 3 months, "drug users" decrease

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17 July 2022 05:49





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General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister's policy, focuses on solving drug problems in terms of treatment.

Bring the community to participate in all units to discuss and survey all areas, sub-districts, villages, communities. People who are addicted to drugs must be registered.

to lead to treatment

including vocational training

allowing those who are interested in treatment to continue their careers to take care of themselves

and systematic follow-up of those who have undergone treatment

Ordered the Prime Minister's Office to appoint a coordinating committee to solve drug problems in the Covid-19 situation, Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan.

As the chairman of the committee in the implementation of the three working principles: 1. People have been well assisted.

2. Integrate working with all sectors

Bringing drug addicts to treatment

return good people to society

honor in human dignity

without leaving anyone behind

Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk, commander of the police, delivered Pol Gen Roy Ingkapairote, deputy commander of the police and the director of the NACC. as a representative to sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in implementing a comprehensive sustainable housing community project according to the national strategy

To solve the drug problem in the community together with Mr. Taweepong Wichaidit, Governor of the National Housing Authority

Pol Lt Gen Roy handed "Big Luang" Pol. Lt. Gen. Panurat Lakboon, deputy police station and deputy director of the National Police Agency to drive the project to solve the drug problem completely. cycle according to national strategy

Committed to developing communities to be strong


Pay attention to the safety of life and property

Prevent and suppress drug problems in the community to be gone.

Pol. Gen. Panurat initiated the project when he was the Police Chief of Police 3. It received a good response from the community.

drug addicts voluntarily enter therapy

Drugs fell in many communities.

Police have been cooperating

was expanded and continued to do at the same time throughout the country

Join hands with the National Housing Authority to implement a comprehensive sustainable housing community project according to the national strategy.

The goal is to reduce the number of drug users and the epidemic of drug community in the housing community.

through community cooperation

Selected the National Housing Authority to participate in 20 communities in 18 provinces across the country.

Scheduled for 3 months from April to June, there are steps to follow: Step 1: Prepare a planning meeting, investigate community conditions, select target communities with severe drug problems or red areas.

set an action set

Organize meetings with community leaders

Set the project start date, meet with community leaders, community leaders and seek cooperation from people.

Step 2: Meeting to plan work and activities over a period of 3 months. Build a coalition by emphasizing community participation in all processes.

And after the project ends, the community must continue to take care of the community sustainably.

Find a drug user by X-ray, 100 percent is

Everyone in the target community must be rigorously monitored, monitored, assisted, home visits, established community rules, social rehabilitation, strengthening knowledge and understanding of village committees, communities, and condominiums in their role in solving drug problems.

Set up a village security kit.

to monitor, monitor, prevent, and inform continually

The work continues from the operation after the mission is completed.

Step 3 Steps to pass on sustainable strength

enabling the community to be self-reliant

and is a place for study visits for other communities

Preventing the community from returning to its original state through cooperation of network partners, forming groups, providing channels for communication, meetings and regular follow-up work.

and lastly is the follow-up and evaluation.

Pol Lt. Gen. Panurat, along with Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapat Phumchit, Commander-in-Chief of Police 1, Pol. Maj. Gen. Peerapong Wongsaman, Deputy Commander in Chief of Police 1, Pol. Gen. Sub-District Paisan Wongwatcharamongkol, Commander-in-Chief of Nonthaburi Provincial Police

Presided over the closing ceremony of the Baan Eua Athon Nonthaburi area project.

(Bang Yai City), Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, with Mr. Wittaya Chapanon, Bang Yai District Chief, Mr. Chanin Thamchuchaowarat

Mayor of Sao Thong Hin Subdistrict, Mrs. Pornusa Weeradechlikul, representative of the National Housing Authority, Mr Leung Kongsom, Bang Yai District Public Health Assistant

Bang Yai Police Station participated.

Over 3 months according to the project, besides drug problems, other problems were found.

Racing on public roads makes noise in the area, mingling, arguing and parking space problems.

The various problems that arise have coordinated the police patrols to inspect.

tighten more often

to suspend the incident in a timely manner

Coordinate with traffic police to solve parking problems

Coordinate with the local government to take part in solving the problem.

Install additional surveillance cameras

Asking for cooperation from community leaders to increase the circle to meet and talk with the villagers more than ever.

The result is that there is an increase in the masses.

The results of the nationwide practice, 20 communities, 18 provinces, after 3 months, found that 16,979 people, 986 drug-related target groups, 9,560 voluntarily tested urine, 613 did not voluntarily test, found 83 drug users. Psychological symptoms 6 people voluntarily enter therapy, 176 people do not volunteer, 3 people

Many areas promote occupations for people who receive drug treatment, including training on crispy pork skin making, soap making, hand washing gel, barbers, bicycle and motorcycle repairers, construction work, economic betta farming tours.

and watch the economic planting

which every therapist profession can lead to effective business expansion

After the implementation of the project, people who use drugs or those involved in drugs are found.

Trust the police who go down to do activities in the area.

Cooperate with the police and participate in community activities by voluntarily volunteering to help more police. Lt. Gen. Panurat Lakboon, deputy police station, said, “There is still a lack of drug users who have undergone treatment. mental immunity

Lack of professional knowledge and skills and relapse into drug use

The Royal Thai Police has a problem-solving program that focuses on community-based therapy, taking care of users, drug users, and drug addicts to provide rehabilitation near home or within the community on an ongoing basis.

As a result, the treated person can live in harmony with society.

Under the direction of change at the international level is in accordance with the principles of public health and human rights, with processes ranging from search, screening, treatment, rehabilitation and monitoring.

take care and help by means of participation in the community.”

Local police and communities together pushing for drug addiction treatment projects

and develop communities to be strong

With understanding and cooperation, drug abusers in the housing community are reduced.

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