It seems to us that it is cured 24 hours a day, while exactly Lopez walks the streets without makeup at all!

One of the most beautiful women in the world, according to the opinion of the majority, in her sixth decade of life looks like she has, at least, 20 years less!

Most people think that Jennifer Lopez's photos are photoshopped to a large extent, but the photos published some time ago completely deny those statements!

- Telegrafi broadcasts.

She proudly showed the traces that time has left on her face.

Those wrinkles don't bother her at all, and her renewed romance with actor Ben Affleck certainly contributed to her striking appearance.

They both act and seem to feel like teenagers.

The couple hasn't been separated from each other for months and curious looks and photographers don't bother them even when they exchange love.

As Jennifer found herself back in the public eye, many photos of her without makeup, filters and photoshop appeared.

Check out how this Latin diva looks in an all-natural version: