No person vaccinated with the third dose against COVID-19 is lying in the hospitals of Kosovo.

This, according to the Ministry of Health, shows the importance of vaccination with this dose.

In the last 24 hours, 1,219 new cases of coronavirus were registered in our country.

The capital continues to lead the list with the highest number of new cases.

One thousand and 219 positive cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Kosovo in the last 24 hours.

The most positive cases were recorded in the capital, 273, while Peja with 194 cases is the second city on this list.

New cases of coronavirus were recorded in almost all cities of Kosovo.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Faik Hoti, says that the vaccination rate is one of the factors that influence the increase in the number of cases.

National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo (IKSHPK)

"The more societies are vaccinated, the possibility of the spread of infection is reduced, and there are many countries in the world that have low vaccination rates and the World Health Organization says that while in a country somewhere there is still a small percentage of vaccination there is always the possibility of the spread of the virus in other countries as well", stated Hoti.

In Kosovo, 267 people were vaccinated in the last 24 hours.

The third dose of the vaccine, Hoti says is very important.

"Of the 51 citizens of our Republic who are currently lying in our hospitals and being treated for Covid-19, no citizen is on the first dose and no citizen is on the third dose, while we have a pretty good number of citizens who are with the second dose.

What does it mean that it is not enough that when the citizen takes two doses, the citizen becomes stronger and thinks that he has created the right immunity", said Hoti.

More than 103 thousand citizens have received the third dose of the vaccine so far.

In general, over 903 thousand people were vaccinated in Kosovo with the first dose./RTV Dukagjini/