"Actually, what is being actively done now (the opponent's logistics are being destroyed - ed.).

The famous Himars, which today work wonderfully on the front lines.

In recent weeks, more than 30 logistic military facilities of the enemy have been destroyed, although, for example, the offensive potential of the Russian occupying forces is now significantly reduced," he said on the air of the national television marathon.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense notes that at the moment the Ukrainian army still needs long-range artillery, which allows to destroy the enemy's logistics.

The Ukrainian military is increasingly reporting attacks on Russian command posts and ammunition depots, in particular, in the Kherson region.

On July 14, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that thanks to the powerful work of the Armed Forces, the Russian troops were forced to move their warehouses with ammunition and fuel.

It is assumed in the General Staff that now the Russian troops will move their warehouses to civilian infrastructure facilities.

The strikes on the rear of the Russian Federation began shortly after the announcement that the HIMARS salvo systems, which can hit targets at a distance of about 70-80 kilometers, had arrived in Ukraine.