According to a new report from Windows Central, Microsoft will adopt a release cycle of a new Operating System every three years, with the next release scheduled for 2024. It's not clear whether it's Windows 12 or a version update of Windows 11.

At the same time, Microsoft will ramp up the release of new features to existing Windows users.

GSM Arena writes that starting with Windows 11 22H2 codenamed Sun Valley 2, Microsoft introduced what they called "Moments", which allowed engineers to release a number of different features to actual users without needing them to make any major updates, reports the Telegraph.

The Moments system is what allowed Microsoft to release the weather button on the Windows 11 taskbar.

Microsoft is reported to have been working towards a new release, which they codenamed Sun Valley 3 which symbolizes the year 2023, but this has all been scrapped as it is expected to be reused in the 2024 release.

This new way of updating Windows will allow current users to get faster access to new updates without having to wait for a major new version of the operating system, while at the same time allowing developers have more time to test its problems before release.