The Ministry of Justice in North Macedonia announces that the procedure for the extradition of the Croatian citizen Daniel Ivanagić from Slovenia has begun.

"INTERPOL-Skopje has received notification that Ivanagiqi has been arrested in Slovenia on the basis of the international arrest warrant issued by the competent judicial institutions," they say from there.

The request for extradition was submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Slovenia in accordance with the deadlines set by the Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters and the European Convention on Extradition, due to suspicions of committing the criminal offense of abuse of official position and authority.

Ivanagiq and the founder of "Interholding", Denis Fuduruq, who is still wanted, are suspects in the case of the former general secretary of the government, Muhamed Zekiri, who, according to the Macedonian Prosecutor's Office for the Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption , ordered the preparation of feasibility studies for the restructuring of "Macedonian Post".

Zekiri is currently under house arrest.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, Zekiri paid the money to the "Interholding" company without announcing a tender./Telegrafi/