The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, reacted today after the publication in the media of the Eurostat report on the perception of corruption in Europe and some countries of the world.

According to the report, Albania has the highest perception of corruption in the region and Europe, leaving behind only Russia.

In a post on social networks, Meta considered the findings of the report as another unacceptable record for the country.

"Albania turns out to be the most corrupt country in the region and in Europe, leaving only Russia behind, according to Eurostat.

No surprise!", wrote Meta.

"Lack of accountability at every local and central level, abuses of public funds through incinerators, concessions and PPPs, as well as a justice under the control of the government, which would naturally bring these results", added the President.

According to Meta, only the open and uncompromising fight against corruption prevents the bankruptcy of Albania and restores hope to the citizens, who are being forced to leave their homeland.

"Freeing Albania from corruption and state capture is today our national interest and priority!", said Meta.

Eurostat's index is based on citizens' perception of how corrupt their public sector is, with a score of 0 representing a very high level of corruption and 100 representing a corruption-free rating.

According to the data, Albania leaves behind only Russia in terms of the high perception of corruption in the public system.

During the period 2015-2021, Albania saw a deterioration of the corruption index even in relation to itself.

Eurostat notes that effective justice systems are a prerequisite for the fight against corruption.

Corruption causes financial damage by reducing investment levels, obstructing the functioning of internal justice and reducing public finances.