The search and rescue operation continues today for the third missing Macedonian citizen in Posidi, on the first leg of Halkidiki, after his two friends were found alive yesterday and the day before.

Yesterday's action, in water, from the air and on land, by the Greek Coastal Service, the Air Force, rescue teams and volunteers in Posidi, did not bring results in the efforts to find the 28-year-old.

The Greek Coastal Service announced late last night that the search "will continue at dawn", while for any information they will inform with a new statement.

Regarding the finding of 30-year-old Ivan, the coast service clarified that he was located yesterday morning by a military air force helicopter, in the sea area about 15 nautical miles west of Poseidon.

It was first picked up by a tanker and then transferred to a Coast Guard patrol boat and taken to the port of Nea Scion.

Meanwhile, as the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced yesterday, the rescued with a smile on his face and in a good mood stepped on the ground and in the port he was greeted with applause by those present, but also by a large number of journalists.

While the action and searches were continuing, in one of the tires of the rescue teams were the brother and father of the rescued person, who arrived in Halkidiki from North Macedonia.

Regarding how the 30-year-old man survived 19 hours in the water, the mayor of the municipality of Kassandra, Anastasia Halkia, in a conversation with the MIA correspondent from Athens, said that a small ball saved his life.

Otherwise, the rescue and search operation started on Saturday afternoon, when the three Macedonian citizens entered the sea at Miti beach in Posidi on the first leg of Halkidiki and due to the bad weather they were found in a helpless state and were away from the coast.

Some of those present on the beach noticed that the swimmers had left and immediately notified the coast service, and then the action started.

One of the three friends, 25-year-old Vasil, was rescued on Saturday after being in the water for about two hours, while 30-year-old Ivan was also found yesterday./Telegrafi/