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Lithuania has extended the ban on goods transported through its territory to Russia's Kaliningrad region on the Baltic Sea, Reuters reported. 

As of this morning, the transport of concrete, wooden products, alcohol, as well as alcohol-based chemicals to this Russian territory was prohibited, said a spokesman for the Lithuanian customs authorities.

Lithuania imposes the restrictions in implementation of another package of European Union sanctions against Russia, which came into force due to the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine. 

Russia has threatened Lithuania with retaliatory measures for refusing transit of goods to Kaliningrad

On Friday, the rulers in Moscow warned Lithuania and the EU that they may take "severe measures" if the transit of some goods to and from Kaliningrad is not resumed "in the next few days".

Against this background, fears are increasing in a number of countries that Russia may extend the period in which the supply of natural gas through the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline is suspended.

It has been suspended from today for 10 days due to planned technical maintenance of the facility, informed from Moscow.

Kaliningrad region, which borders Poland and Lithuania, relies on supplies from Russia through Lithuanian territory.

In mid-June, the government in Vilnius banned the transit of a number of goods subject to EU sanctions.