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"Democratic Bulgaria" (DB) and BSP are adamant that there should be a new cabinet in this parliament, because they have no interest in new elections.

From "We continue the change" (PP) do not think so and say clearly that they will not negotiate with Slavi Trifonov.

A coalition outside of these four parties that supported the "Petkov" cabinet is impossible.

Without "There is such a people" (ITN), mathematics does not come out.

The only chance is for the PPs to change their views.

Otherwise, we are going to early elections, which will most likely be held on September 25 or October 2.

Dimitar Ganev, a political scientist from "Trend", said this in the program "Denyat na Zivo" on NOVA NEWS. 

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"I don't see new MPs from ITN declaring that they will leave the party. Even if 121 people's representatives are found to support a possible new government with the third mandate, it will be agony, because we remember how the quorum was maintained in 2013-2014. Toshko Yordanov, Iva Miteva and Stanislav Balabanov say that they are ready to hold talks on a new cabinet under certain conditions - that Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev are not present. The problem is in the PP, who say that they will not hold any talks with ITN. Even and Slavi Trifonov to change his opinion sharply, PP must also fundamentally change their positions," he added. 

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"PP is in a relatively good position in early elections. They will fight, most likely with GERB, for the first place. Things are not like that with DB and BSP, and they do not want early elections.

PP has also estimated that some an early election now will be better for them than an election in 3-4-5 months. The next coalition, if one is formed, will certainly not be easier than this one. We have to get used to living in such a situation. We see , that half of Europe is governed in such a way and we should not be extremely pessimistic," concluded the political scientist. 

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