The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, met today a delegation from the state of Iowa, consisting of institutional representatives, mayors of municipalities, military, representatives of universities, art, culture, sports, media and young people, led by Iowa National Guard General Timothy E. Orr.

The president thanked the state of Iowa for its continuous support to Kosovo.

She appreciated the visit of representatives of the state of Iowa as a sign of mutual commitment to bring our countries closer together and to strengthen the excellent relations with Kosovo's permanent ally, the United States of America.

Before the American delegation, President Osmani also spoke about the potential that Kosovo offers, mentioning the large percentage of young people, their education, as well as the successes of Kosovar athletes in the Mediterranean Games in Algeria, where they won 6 Olympic medals.

In the meeting with the delegation from Iowa, President Osmani thanked General Orr for the continuous support of the Iowa National Guard for the Kosovo Security Force, saying that Kosovo continues to be coordinated with its allies to contribute to peace, security and stability in the region and beyond.

In this context, President Osmani emphasized America's continuous assistance, as in the dark days, in Kosovo's efforts for independence, so she requested that this support continue, considering this state to be part of Kosovo.

Meanwhile, representatives of the state of Iowa thanked President Osmani for the hospitality and informed him of the good cooperation with the Kosovar municipalities, mentioning the twinning with some of them as well as the signing of memorandums of cooperation with some universities of Kosovo.