Japan government's reaction after Shinzo Abe was shot (File Photo)

Former Prime Minister of


Shinzo Abe

 is swinging between life and death after being shot on Friday.

The current Prime Minister of Japan has condemned the attack on Abe, saying that this attack cannot be forgiven.

The shooting at Japan's most popular leader comes as Japan has strict gun laws and campaigned ahead of Sunday's Upper House election.  

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, returning to Tokyo by helicopter from the middle of a campaign, told reporters, "Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot in Nara and I have been told that his condition is very serious.

The leader, who was seen getting emotional, said, "I pray that former Prime Minister Abe's life is saved. This is a barbaric act in the middle of the election campaign, the foundation of democracy and it cannot be forgiven at all. I strongly condemn it in the strongest terms. Am. " 

Government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno had earlier told reports that "the attack took place in the country's western region of Nara shortly before 12 noon, and a man believed to be the shooter has been arrested."

Kishida said there was "no decision" on the election yet.

However, several parties have announced that their senior leaders will stop campaigning after the attack on Shinzo Abe.

Abe, 67, was giving a speech in the presence of security forces, but the audience could easily reach him.

Footage broadcast by Japan's state TV NHK shows him standing on stage when a loud bang and smoke rises in the air.