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Does anyone remember Toshko protecting the victims of the war like he protects the money of the Russian embassy?

It might be, who knows?

just, does anyone remember…?

Toshko Yordanov told journalists in the parliament that the Ministry of Finance has blocked the money of the Russian embassy in our country. 

"The Ministry of Finance has stopped the money of the Russian Embassy, ​​which is theirs.

They blocked them here in Bulgaria".

"It crosses all the lines of, how can I say, stupidity, because it has nothing to do with us being enemy states."

Toshko Yordanov: Ministry of Finance has blocked the money of the Russian Embassy


An extremely serious accident took place this evening at the metropolitan intersection between "Sveti Naum" and "Cherni vrah" boulevards near the "European Union" metro station.

The incident was reported late in the evening to the emergency services.

Serious accident with fatalities in Sofia


His name is Georgi Semerdzhiev, he is a former football player of Levski and Sportist (Svoge).

He was arrested for drug distribution and black lottery.

He is 35 years old and from Svoge.

The man has multiple criminal records and was driving the car with false license plates.

He's a car wash manager and right now he looks a lot different than the picture because he has multiple tattoos, even on his face.

Here is the driver who caused the serious accident in Sofia


See the moment of impact from last night's melee in Sofia


The incidence of COVID-19 along the Black Sea is rising.

Both Varna and Burgas report an increase in cases of the coronavirus, bTV explains.

According to the local RZI, some of those registered are tourists who have to be tested before returning to their native places.

There is no pressure on medical facilities.

A COVID boom by sea!


"I never said that I would leave "Vazrazhdane" or become an independent MP."

"Until now, I have firmly stood behind "Vazrazhdane" and I see no reason not to stand behind them.

The fact that there have been

arguments with me in an attempt to convince me, but no one has ever offered me posts, money, and

this is speculation." 

This was stated by Tsveta Galunova from the "Vazrazhdane" group.

Tsveta Galunova talked about whether she will leave "Vazrazhdane"


Alpha Research: GERD - 21.5%, PP - 20.2%.

Slavi is out, "Promyanata" leads by confidence


The management program is in the final stage, we worked until early this morning.

This is what Andrey Gyurov, the chairman of the PG of "We continue the change", said upon entering the National Assembly.

Gyurov: I have many indications from the ITN group that they want to meet with us


We have completed the legislative program of the coalition.

This was said by the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at the regular meeting of the Council of Ministers. 

It contains more than 40 bills that must be adopted in the next six months, he further specified and added: This way billions of euros from the EC can be absorbed.

Petkov: We have completed the legislative program of the coalition


Its about time!

The fine for entering one of the Seven Rila Lakes will be up to BGN 1,000, as well as movement outside the already renovated and graveled paths, informs the NP "Rila".

The movement of jeeps on the circus has also been prohibited since July 1, this was done by order of the director of the Regional Directorate of Forestry in Kyustendil, Eng. Zdravcho Todorov.

BGN 1,000 fine for entering any of the Seven Rila Lakes


The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Oliver Spasovski, visited this morning the two most seriously injured police officers in last night's protest clashes.

A total of 47 law enforcement officers were injured, 11 of them more seriously, and two with serious injuries at the neurosurgery clinic in Skopje.  

"No protestors were injured, the actions of the police last night were directed exclusively at these 30 or so young people who, wearing hoods and masks, provoked violence," said Spasovski.

Tension in Skopje: There are signals of prepared provocations and the protest tonight