The Kosovo Police announces that it has arrested a person who allegedly attacked two people with a knife on "Muharrem Fejza" street in Pristina.

Meanwhile, it is known that the other suspect in this case is on the run.

The case, which is being investigated as "Serious attempted murder, complicity and possession of weapons without a permit", happened on Tuesday afternoon.


Muharrem Fejza (NN) 05.07.2022 – 17:50.

The Kosovar male suspect was arrested under the suspicion that, together with another Kosovar male suspect who is on the run, they attacked the two Kosovar male victims with knives, causing bodily injuries," the police report states.

Furthermore, it is said that the victims were offered medical treatment, while the relevant police units went to the scene where they seized two knives which were allegedly used.

By decision of the prosecutor, the suspect was taken into custody.


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