Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh.

New Delhi:

Referring to Savarkar, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has advised BJP and RSS workers not to spread hatred.

Digvijay Singh said that out of 13 million Indians living abroad, 68 percent live in Islamic countries.

He said that the hatred that you are spreading against the Muslims in India by BJP and Sangh workers, what will be its effect on those 90 lakh Indian families?

ever thought?

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Digvijay Singh has made several tweets one after the other on Wednesday.

He wrote in a tweet, 'Hate is the way to violence... Violence is the way to unrest.

Harmony is the way to non-violence... non-violence is the way to peace.

That is why, adopting the Sanatani tradition, Gandhiji chose the path of love, harmony, truth and non-violence.

That is why in our Hindu religion every religious work begins with Shanti Path.

At the same time, in a tweet referring to Savarkar, Digvijay Singh has written, 'Peace is progressing... Unrest is ruin.

Savarkar ji has said, Hindutva has nothing to do with Hinduism.

Got it?

Humanity is the basic basis of every religion.

Let us tell you, Digvijay Singh, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, often targets the BJP.

Recently Digvijay Singh had given a statement that the people of BJP themselves throw stones by giving money to some poor Muslim boys.

Digvijay says that such complaints are coming to him, which he is investigating.

Some poor Muslim boys throw stones themselves by paying money @BJP4India people @digvijaya_28 - Such complaints are coming to me which I am getting probed

— Anurag Dwary (@Anurag_Dwary) April 26, 2022

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