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7 July 2022 6:22 a.m.





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Thai desserts are one of the culture and wisdom of Thailand, which the latest Department of Cultural Promotion.

Ministry of Culture

join hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thai Smile Airways

Central Department Store, The Black Thai Service Company Limited, hotels, bakeries and more than 30 famous Thai dessert shops across the country to awaken the trend and co-create Soft Power, the popularity of Thai desserts under the Thai Dishcovery Season 2 campaign:

“New Thai Dessert For New Gen” is ready to invite a new generation of foodies, foodies, to follow in the footsteps of delicious Thai desserts, a new look on popular tourist routes.

And one of the restaurants participating in the project is Le Kham Luck Cafe, a newly opened, chic Italian-style homemade restaurant in Soi Ekamai 22 by Chef Jesada Champanil, the dessert chef at the shop.

Applied Thai dessert menu

Goes well with western bakery treats.

And this is considered a new menu that the restaurant is proud to present.

Pumpkin Custard and Kanom Bueang Croissant

Chef Jesada said that I have to admit that the new generation likes to take pictures of the snacks they eat.

which, if it is a Thai dessert, may not be attractive

So he likes to make a mix of Thai and French desserts.

without directly studying bakery

But it's a research and experience by myself from 19 years of working at a 5-star hotel in Phuket and with a passion for Thai desserts.

Therefore, Thai desserts and farang desserts are blended together to create a French Thai fusion, such as coconut pie, a popular menu item at the restaurant.

will use toasted coconut

And there is frustration in it.

to feel like eating tacos;

Made into Castela Cake, a Japanese cake that is similar to Thai dessert pot curry.

In which Khanom Mo Kaeng has egg curry pot, bean curry pot, taro curry pot, we switched to using Thai pumpkin that is oily.

and fragrant Japanese pumpkins come together

Make castella and eat with fried onions.

The taste will be like Khanom Kaeng.

or the Kanom Bueang Croissant, from traditional Thai pastries to a blend of French croissants.

by the process of using white shrimp and succulent coconut

Stir-fried with Thai trifles including coriander root, garlic, pepper and shrimp paste and kaffir lime leaves.

shredded to add flavor

Stuffed on Italian meringue from jasmine syrup

It pairs perfectly with French croissants.

At the same time, Chef Jesada gave an idea for Thai fusion desserts such as Pumpkin Custard, a Thai dessert dish.

Mixed with Japanese Castella Cake

By bringing ripe pumpkin to make an ancient Thai coconut milk curry pot.

And using upside down cake baking techniques, the cake uses Japanese Castella that has a similar texture to Thai dessert pot curry, eaten with crispy fried shallots.

You will get an unusual Thai fusion dessert.


6 eggs, separated yolk,

egg white separated into 2 parts

In the egg yolk, there is fried onion oil, fresh coconut milk, and pumpkin puree.

Amphawa Coconut Sugar

And there is cake flour, baking powder, and pink salt that need to be blended together and filtered.

in the egg whites

The foam of the egg whites is whipped into a meringue, egg white and sugar.

Mix these 2 parts together to get the cake texture.

And with that we use the upside down technique to put the front of the curry pot below.

Put the cake on top

After baking, turn it upside down.

By the time baking, it will still be water.

Therefore, the cake must be burned to achieve the desired color.

and then put the snacks on the tray

Bake for 45 minutes in hot water, then remove the hot water and bake for another 15 minutes to remove moisture...

If you want to try this delicious dessert

Drop by at Le Kham Luck Cafe Ekamai 22 Tel. 06-5959-8864.